I Checkmated Him in 14 Moves…

This is what happens when a swede plays chess against a Norwegian…

This was filmed at Café du Laurierboom in Amsterdam 🙂

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(Affiliate link, purchases made through this link may generate revenue for Anna)

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  1. Anna has almost become a reason of fight between Sweden chess-players and Norwegian artists in the Dutch bar. The Armageddon Clocks never were so close to the midnight😁

  2. Anna smashing muggles with a smile on her face as usual

  3. Hard to tell whether the "You are playing well" while he does total BS was seriously kind, or just very subtle vicious mockery.

  4. how did i not notice the dutch poster in the background until she said that they where in amsterdam

  5. Haha when Anna says you got your queen out early and that it works against the bots, that isn't a compliment!

  6. As a Dane watching this, I can tell you it doesn't really matter who you two thinks are superior to each others, you are still just fighting for second place in Scandinavia. See you on the handball court to settle it! 😀

  7. LoL (Lots of Love). I enjoy an honest face backed by a serious frown. I am an accountant in the chess world, I beat who I want to! Roulette is the game to master!! Thank you for being you all the time!

  8. "Sweden is better than Norway, ok, thanks, bye" 🤣🤣🤣

  9. I think Anna is a tad better than the Norwegian guy?

  10. Pues nada, así como quien no quiere la cosa, somos testigos de un momento histórico de ambos países. Historiadores, tomen nota. Poetas, preparen sus rimas y bardos, afinen sus voces e instrumentos. La de gestas que saldrán de esto.

  11. Sweden vs. Norway, but the stage is in the Netherlands and the conversation in English? How did that happen…?

  12. I'm the impossible so anyone can try me even Magnus Carlsen won't beat me in chess 😂

  13. "Sweden is better than Norway" – Anna 😂 . Poor guy .

  14. Sweden is totally better, because Sweden's got ANNA CRAMLING

  15. Anna's happiness when she wins makes me play more chess

  16. 1:06 I feel the same way about Francis (bot) as he does about Isabela. I have beaten every free bot up thru Noam but Francis beats me every single time. One time I blundered a winning position but that’s as close as I’ve gotten in over a year straight losing to the same bot.
    I would be so grateful if you could do a video helping us beat Francis bot.

  17. I heard you quit chess.

    Have I been click-baited?

    You MONSTER!

    Love, and peace,

  18. S. Question: Smørrebrød? N. Answer: røm, pøm, pøm, pøm

  19. The guy looks like a norweigian Neymar 😂

  20. She just bets Sweden’s pride casually 👏👏

  21. I would not be able to concentrate with Anna either. Not only is she gorgeous, but such a sweet and charming personality that it would short circuit my brain instantly

  22. Danes think you both are alcoholics.

  23. Anyone else think this is staged…i will lose to a 10 ysar old or just beat tehm, but batter pro masters 🙃🤪

  24. He only lost because he was too distracted by your charming smile. 😉

  25. I like seeing her trying to be tactful instead of just being blunt about how terrible someone is.

  26. yikes, has this guy ever played before? That was embarrassing. LOL

  27. Der Norweger "spielte Schach" wie jemand, der gerade gelernt hat, wie Schachfiguren zu bewegen sind!
    Das war wirklich kein Video wert …

  28. Hi from Finland. I just few years ago learn how to play. Basicly I know just rules. I've played maby few games per year just for killing time and interest for game. Against Windows I'm only level 3/10. Not good enough to go on. How I can become better player, what you did? Or did you just grow with it? I'm 50 so no time to grow so much. Thanks🙂

  29. Just noticed this was filmed in amsterdam. Hope she comes back to my country again sometime :3

  30. This video has been returning and returning and it makes me said. I feel as though I've been checkmated by Anna. But I am better than this guy.

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