I Checkmated Him in 14 Moves…

This is what happens when a swede plays chess against a Norwegian…

This was filmed at Café du Laurierboom in Amsterdam 🙂

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(Affiliate link, purchases made through this link may generate revenue for Anna)

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  1. I wondered why Anna didn't take his rook.

  2. I think he was drunk. Cos he played poorly.

  3. That was nice and agressive, but speaking about wars, I do seem to recall that gå-på tactics were a Swedish shtick 😉

    (Also. I would not even have lasted eight moves against Anna, so respect anyway!)

  4. I didn't heed the warning and now I wish I had 😔

  5. The guy was too busy flirting to focus on the game.

  6. Lol that was a really bad Benoni! It made me laugh how bad it was. Love the Benoni.

  7. Norway isn't better than Sweden, they are both the same – like Canada and America or Australia and New Zealand. Now I think I'm really in trouble 🙂

  8. Anna’s rizz is unmatched. Just the most likable, engaging, charming person.

  9. 5:15 watch as Anna tries to contain herself from reacting to his move and instead politely listens to her opponent.
    Great self control, Anna! lol

  10. Oooh I'm from the Netherlands and thought "hey I can read the posters on the wall😅"
    But now to the game, Anna says "you play quite well" but let's be honest….Snurre moved only his much to early queen around and get a punishment for that. Anna forked him with a check, she could take his rook, but chose for the pon instead….and looked at Snurrre's face at that moment. Wondering if he actually saw that or not. So she makes a second forked on the other side with a check….again Anna didn't take the rook and I thought…oh Anna doesn't want to hurt him to much, but I was wrong! She saw a checkmate coming, that's why she didn't take the rook😂 Always love to see Anna play and talk and her body language ❤

  11. WOW! Anna, do not tell him that his strategy sometimes work. Tell him not to do it ever again. lol

  12. liked, i agree; Sweden is more lovely than Norway. but, if he had a twin sister, you can never say for sure…

  13. This guy must be high. Snurre is not common Norwegian name. Snorre is a more common name, but it does not mean spin. Only Snurre i've heard of is Snurre Sprett, which is Bugs Bunny in Norwegian.

  14. I have been learning a lot from you and that game was too funny

  15. The “Isabel” computer he mentions is 1600 if anyone cares.

  16. I am no good chessplayer at all, but at 5:12 shouldn't the black move be queen b2?

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