I Got Paired Against A GRANDMASTER!!!!!

This was Round 4 of a blitz tournament I played in Menorca, Spain. Hope you enjoy the video!!

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  1. I love checkers such a good game to watch these two play

  2. is this a hand shaking? Looks to me 2 jelly fishes accidentally touching each other

  3. Nice game Anna, I agree I think your nerves got the best of you.

    4:40 your plan was solid, knight f4 you went for that line it looked great.

    5:00 the panic >< you had a lot of pressure and build up for the long dark diagonal.

    I’m think knight f4, rook f4, rook f6 or dsb d6 all looked like moves to better serve that initial plan ><

    The moment I start thinking I have to defend 1 minor piece rather than continue building up the attack, is often the turning point from a winning position to losing one ><

    Blocking his dsb paved they way for a king side attack and pressure build up, but you fought for middle and removed the congestion that highly benefitted you

  4. The Grand master was so disrespectful towards you at the end just walking away

  5. Hope you come back Stronger in your next game Anna that was a tough game especially at the end not many options as he had a strong attack going on around your king hope you picked up on something to avoid that happening again

  6. People are so used to "chess in the park" videos that, when they get see actual tournament games, they can't help but wonder why they don't chit chat like it's a Star Wars meetup or something XD

  7. He was actually very polite. That fact that someone is arguing he wasn't polite is a symptom of the idiocy of this channel.

  8. Don't be sad. He just made all the GM moves. I want more, more ,more .Chess Princess

  9. Great position. Did you consider Bd6 at 4:28? Besides, take care of your throat!

  10. amazing game, amazing commentary – GM is GM, you did great 🙂

  11. I played several times against Mark Paragua, the key is never play passively.

  12. 0:23 Is that the weakest handshake you've ever seen? Someone check his man card.

  13. is kids that are scarier to be honest ahaah.

  14. So lovely Anna , I created a new opening : 1.a3 …. the miau attack !!!! ❤

  15. He should learn how to shake hands properly.

  16. Hhhmmmm. You have been slaughtered. Every pawn move you did weakened your own position and your pieces were not working together at all. Sorry, but your game was not at IM level. By the way, what's the name of this guy?

  17. Why so many chess players can't do a proper handshake?!

  18. Grandmasters have the moves in their head. That is why they will look up and see the chess pieces in their mind.
    This GM not being polite did not even come to my mind, he was polite.

  19. "When it happens you want to give it a really good try"
    This is why I find Magnus Carlsens behaviour in showing up late to his opponents tables so disgusting. This may be a great moment for his opponent, even if its nothing to Magnus. I find him to be utterly unsportsmanlike, and boorish. And this is a sport. Not a personal aggrandisement session.

  20. Looked like just another day in the office for the GM

  21. Everyone hating on homie for leaving but he probably just got nervous cuz Anna is so pretty 👀😭

  22. He doesnt want to be charmed by you. So as much as possible he avoids eye contact so that he will not be distracted

  23. Maybe next time you play against a GM, you can tell them what you felt inside, which is “It was an honor to play you.”

  24. Visto y no visto. Me enteré de quien ganó por los comentarios. Tienes que avisar quien gana, muchos no sabemos como acaba la cosa.

  25. I feel like if you didn't know he was a grandmaster, you would have attacked his queen with your rook and things might have been a bit different.

  26. solo por como da la mano el chico…. que poca energía!

  27. Somethings it seems about his playing you. He seems to know your moves whether watched some of your past games or knew some of the moves you made, from watching and studying the moves. He has a quick mind knowing moves ahead of play that you could make, then knowing how to counter back. Another thing was not using your bishops to help with the knights or queen on the open pawns.

  28. Chess players have the weakest, most insincere handshakes. Why is that? lol

  29. He seemed polite enough, if you talk to much to this woman she won’t be quiet she’s chatterbox.

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