I interviewed Ian Nepomniachtchi

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  1. I could have sworn you said "How's it like to be in Tirana" and was waiting for a (very different) Albanian answer

  2. Nepo represents country which started a WAR ! Dont pretend that it does not matter. All russians must be IGNORED at all the sports! Just analogy: Levi, would you interview chess player from Germany in 1942 ?

  3. Gotham chess, how many gambits has white side have? as in all the gambits even if it's well-known or not.

  4. It is very strange to see two Russian speakers speaking English to each other.

  5. For future reference, the original title was 'I interviewed Ian Nepomniachtchi'.

  6. Могли бы шортс записать с русским разговором.

  7. Говорите по-русски. И с Анишем Гири тоже. Ему тоже 29 лет.

  8. Great interview. Love Ian. Easy to root for, funny, willing to open up and share his thoughts and experiences. Thanks, Levy.

  9. You are a very big candidate to win the candidates after you have been the candidate who won the candidates and also the candidate who won the candidates before the candidates for which you were the winning candidate.

  10. I loved the way he said, I have a different way of qualifying 😂😂

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