Schlatt loses a chess game in 2 moves

schlatt loses to alex botez in a game of chess
original vid:

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  1. Ive won in 3 moves before… any real chess player knows exactly the play Im talking about… but never 2 lmfao

  2. When its checkmate in less than 5 moves, it's called "Fool's mate."

  3. Bro said he was good after playing the grob (the worst opening tho people say f3 is ) and then litter,y losing the game in the fastest way

  4. Wow, there's no way to lose faster, you are right man, she wasn't gonna see that one coming 😄

  5. Knowing what bs schlatt pulls, it's on purpose… and it's hilarious.

  6. She looked so confused, she literally did not see it coming 😂

  7. Impressive speed run tactic if the goal is to lose

  8. How did he manage to do the one move that can get him checkmated the fastest and still think he was pulling a fast one

  9. The great Bobby Fischer put out a "How to play Chess" book back in the 1980s. Along with the various instructions on the mechanics of the game, there were examples of moves that he made against opponents during his many tournaments, and one of them was exactly this. His opponent opened up his King just like Schlatt did, and Bobby won the round in two moves.

    Ever since reading that book, I have waited nearly 40 years to have an opponent open up their King like that, and no one, to my great disappointment, ever did. To see this, now, was amazing!

  10. You guys don't get it. Dude is playing 4D chess here. It's the best way to get pity sex from a hot girl

  11. He had to have done that on purpose there's no way

  12. "She's not gonna see THIS one coming!

  13. He still hit that so who’s the real loser here?

  14. The schlatt gambit and I’m here for it 😂

  15. He definitely did this on purpose. There is only one possible way to lose in two moves. He definitely looked up beforehand what the fastest way to lose was.

  16. dude, that's literally the fastest way to checkmate someone

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