I Lost To A 300

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  1. wait? wus? o.o callll me in! 😀 600rating ! XD

  2. Can you make a video on the dutch defence ? your old video doesn't have

  3. so there is a very small chance that I can defeat Magnus

  4. Well, Yo know, Losing to a 300 Elo is 300 TIMES better than losing to a 1 Elo

  5. Such a wholesome game, I thought it was gonna be like Semi-toxic and other things. But I didn't knew who they were till you told so yeah you were wholesome the whole time.

  6. You could push the pawn only to F3 and not F4

  7. dont worry about losing Leo was on his smurf account

  8. You should totally do live on YouTube I don’t even have a twitch account

  9. I didn’t know that Levi was Jewish, just like me. 😊😊😊

  10. @Gothamchess you have to pin me! I was winning and decided to sacrifice the roooookkk! And lost embarrassingly…At a college event 🥲

  11. Just levy levy-tating his fan's confident, certified chess chad move here

  12. in that M3 position, would G3 have defended a bit better?

  13. 1:12 Well.. There are around 50'000 people with USCF ratings. There probably are way more people playing chess, trying to get their rating. There are only 1 World champion each year. Some of the world champions (e.g. Carlsen, Kramnik, Karpov etc) wins the world championship more that ones, maybe even consecutively.
    So the chanse of becoming a world champion is pretty darn small.
    Even if you are one of the best, and you're able to make a living off of playing chess, there is at the very most a 1/100 chanse to become world champion. You will have to work extremely hard to become one of the best. Magnus Carlsen became so good, at such a young age, thanks to his photographic memory, high intelligence and interest in chess.
    Having a photographic memory is extremely rare, only around 100 people world wide has it. But in chess, that would the greatest of gifts, and would probably be a "one way ticket" to chess world champion, but you need to have the interest, motivation and support to get there as well.

  14. i hate that you got an editor, i liked your barely edited, real videos way more… not this dead air edited out, scripted video style…

  15. The guy's just trying to get Levy to livestream on yt as opposed to twitch

  16. Levy you’re a great human. Every time I play a game I always say I will help you beat me. Cause it’s better to show someone how they can win than it is to just save the win. You’re a great guy Levy much respect!

  17. Even though hikaru publicly insulted levy's chess skills, he still keeps riding his dick without hesitation. Have some self-respect.

  18. If he's 300 how many points did that cost? Wow 😲…. Lol good content as always LEV

  19. Wait. Levy, are you switching from Twitch to YouTube for streaming?

  20. Gotham, do a new chatgpt episode.

    it got MASSIVE upgrades. Chat gpt4.

  21. The Subtitles… My eyes are dead-

  22. What about Knight H2? Looks natural. Is there any problem with this?

  23. anyone know the name of the background music or have a link of it because I need it for a school project (also nice video as usual)

  24. Hello Gotham, I just played a game and managed to make 2 brilliant moves, I don't know how to play chess my name is Nachoooo17

  25. "How to lose in chess" playlist candidate

  26. Hitting 4 digits and a new gotham video what a day (: .

  27. dude, you are truely making amaizing things, thank you, and keep on going! honestly i cant wait until the "i got my GM" vid!

  28. I just know Levy is just trolling everyone at this point and he can actually beat his daddies Stockfish and Magnus

  29. 300 is 3000 in disguise . You just have to remember that 0 has no value

  30. Hear me out. After "in the mirror saw guy playing chess, now chess is everywhere" I have some crazy theory. If our universe has alt realities, and in beyblade everyone was playing beyblade, in bakugan also everyone, so what if in another alt's people actually play beyblade and bakugan, but with all gimmics shown in the show's?

  31. FACT THAT THE HEAD OF GAMING was born in Nairobi just make me proud of 🇰🇪

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