I made Chess with RTX on

In this video I’ll show you the process of crating a realistic chess animation.
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  1. it is amazing but I think the end not good and I suggest you to make it like chess in the harry Potter movie

  2. the knight should be facing the opponent, but this is amazing VFX

  3. The white pieces made out of marble and the black pieces of cast iron look mind-blowingly good! 🤯 Also that stitched fabric, the board, the animation and all the other little details. It's just so freaking creative and incredible! I love it!!! 😍

  4. The Queen also exploded with the whole Black Army 😭

  5. Reminds me of the interkontinental missile gambit

  6. This is great work! I'm also trying to get into 3D Animation and was wondering what kind of PC specifications do you have that helps you run these programs smoothly.

  7. bro you put the horse sideways instead of straight…

  8. I don't know why but pieces from harry Potter wizard chess was more epic … But definitely in a time of only 24 hours it's best …

  9. That boring guy with the best pc be like

  10. This is perhaps the most brain dead idea that I have ever come across on youtube

  11. i thought this guy was igor grabuzov from the tetris movie

  12. I love how black has so much advantage yet still lost the game

    (taking the king is an illegal move, remember?)

  13. babe wake up new chess update just dropped
    her: 💀

  14. So much work just to play the shortest most uninteresting game.

  15. bro actually made a cinematic version of the fool’s mate 💀

  16. Stupid idea since its 3D just hide a camera behind your opponents pieces to see what moves they are going to make

  17. Шахматы 2, наконец-то

  18. Cringe gfx, shouldve made like that of battleground / medival war stuff

  19. The animation is amazing but I personally didn't like the flying queen part.

  20. Amazing, the textures and sound design 👌

  21. this looks like something I made up when I was nine, good job

  22. What just I am watching now !!!!! that's Amazing !!!

  23. In the beginning you state and question why the graphics are getting worse in chess. But this actually doesn't have to only do with chess and a lot of others have undergone this exact sort of change. Simply put; as technology advanced, it got easier to create these smooth yet simple designs, not only that but society advanced with it and people grew tired of the details that was seemingly useless. The kind of design without details and easily memorable was appealing to a lot of people because the extravagant designs could easily exaust the eyes of people without it having so much more of a use then it being "pretty" or "decorative". Therefore a lot of companies have made changes to their logos (to name one popular example: pringles) to something simpler usually by cutting away small yet sometimes big details.

    Although I obviously do understand that this wasn't a project that you started for others in the chess world to use proffesionaly and more of a "fun thing to try" kind of thing. But I still thought it might be something interesting to learn since you didn't seem to know about it.

  24. bro play mate in two in the animation

  25. Your computer survived the 23 hour terror 💀💀💀💀

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