I made Chess with RTX on

In this video I’ll show you the process of crating a realistic chess animation.
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  1. Where da Queen go after da explosion, very well done though! AMAJING

  2. "Chess RTX"
    Hell nah man i'm gonna stick to my Old one

  3. at 6:51 i thought the queen would transform into an intercontinental ballistic missile

  4. next do the ICBM gambit with rtx enabled ICBMs

  5. This should be the intro for the movie Queens Gambit

  6. That is goergous, i absolutely loves the details, definately the best remake of chess i ever seen

  7. Someone already made a 3D chess for mobile but yours is amazingly awesome keep working on new updates like variants

  8. you gotta fix the color correction of the clips with the camera because it looks very ugly man.. i liked the video tho

  9. I love how the queen just became a creeper in the end.

  10. When I read the title of this video, I supposed he will turn a chess soldier to Ukrainian soldier. 😓😓

  11. So no one is gonna comment on the fact that the queen took the king. I mean is there any chess player around here???

  12. Chess never expected his fate would be THIS. in India chess was once played by clowns to seduce animals (justkidding)

  13. bro made a whole video just to flirt with alexandra….

  14. please make a video on mikhael tal's immortal game like this

  15. I wonder.

    Could I see this for other chess variants?

    I'd love to see 3D model of for example a Gold general from shogi. Or a promoted rook (a dragon I think it's called)

  16. I genuinely wasn't surprised he lost to his dad, all dads have this superpower, heck, Magnus dad probably wins against him


  18. "for some reason" bro optimalization
    It's the most competitive game with biggest esport community
    This gotta run on literal potato

  19. Bro, the animation was so good i loved it. It felt like a movie.

  20. everything was amazing but the last part was a flop.

  21. يوسف عبدالقادر - Youssef Abdelkadr says:

    What my eyes just saw is just epic

  22. The ending is not satisfying . About everything else is great .

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