I met Magnus Carlsen

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  1. 22:50 "another thing which is massive" I thought there was going to be an ad transition there 😂

  2. vishy speaks tamil too he is from tamil nadu pragg gukesh adhban murali karthikeyan are all tamils

  3. Congrats my friend. you deserve all your achievement.
    Magnus is the GOAT. I cant imagine myself making any question. And a good one, like you did.

  4. somehow you clickbait every single video and i still fall for it every single time

  5. one thing i like from levy's recap is, he is no bullshit guy
    when the game is over, he calmly said "get out of here"
    and end the video 😅😅🔥🔥🔥

  6. Imagine Levy meeting Magnus and Magnus be like:" Where is my money cut from hundreds of videos you made."

  7. Now all we need is a series where Magnus coaches Levy to be a GM

  8. anyone got a link to the magnus interview? i dont watch the chess streams and i dont even know what the tournaments name is

  9. This game rewiew question marks are so anoing

  10. I hereby apply to the pin of shame.
    Tee hee Gotham Chess? More like Washedham Chess amiright.

  11. When Magnus plays a goofy opening he wins, if he plays a classical opening he loses 😂


  13. Vishy Anand speaks Tamil levi as his main language

  14. Magnus seemed pretty chill and willing to talk and be open as usual. I could see you were nervous. Great job though.

  15. Hopefully you got the chance to ask him how the knight moves lol

  16. I got the chance to meet you at the ice cream shop in nyc. You were quite welcoming and inviting. Definitely worth the line that wrapped around about 4 blocks plus there was ice cream.

  17. Final nail on the coffin.

    Magnus milking overpowered.

  18. Finally he got a chance to meet legend. I think magnus was really happy about it

  19. Anothing that is massive… Oh the phrasing xD

  20. Magnus finding that forced draw was just such a next level move. Every commentator was saying he blundered. Magnus was the only one who knew what was going on and that he was in complete control.

  21. Levy looks like a scrapped doctor who prototype ❤

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