Wesley So vs. Magnus Carlsen! Is This The Game Of The YEAR?!?!

Wesley So has white vs. Magnus Carlsen but MUST win! Don’t miss this incredible armageddon battle as the legendary Wesley So takes on the chess GOAT, Magnus Carlsen!

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  1. So my question is the eval bar has the game very close to even chances even after magnus plays …Qb6, so what is the continuation that keeps him from collapsing? What is the crazy engine line that allows him to move out with his queen and still be able to escape the attack?

  2. Too bad, we won't see the greatness of Wesley in the Candidates. He's already 30. He's still got a shot at it when he turns 32, 34. Time is almost running out on his peak form – is slowly slowly declining, maybe. I don't know Anand's age when he defeated Kramnik. If Ding Liren is able to successfully defend his crown, then I want to see Wesley against either Ding or Fabiano in the 2026 championship. Dominguez and Aronian are still good both close to 40, but obviously not at their peak anymore. And then there's Alireza and the Indian prodigies. Go Wesley!

  3. Big thanks to the commentator for acknowledging Wesley as former Filipino as he was born in the Philippines and by heart is a Filipino. This game is only our consolation after he was cheated in his road to the candidates. Fide is ruled by money and not by fair play and is corrupt.

  4. Wesley So joins other Filipino greats (Pacquiao for boxing, Efren Reyes for billiards).

  5. The way the commentator talks about the pawn structure like it’s the Philippines😂 10:35

  6. White to captures f7+Black loses g pawn with another check and White can draw with a perpetual check or capture a piece and/or promote a pawn to win with accurate play. Magnus must like Wesley or something. 😊

  7. Wesley So is a Filipino.why the flag is USA

  8. As a Filipino American myself i really don't know whos side im in

  9. So….what we've learnt today, is that Mikhail Tal would wipe the floor with Magnus. By far the best player of all time in chess.

  10. Referencing the Philippines 😂 The best commentator ever 😂

  11. Wesley So is moving closer & closer to No. 1 in the world. Wait & watch his progress…it's unbelievable!!!

  12. Proud of you wesley So, Filipino blood🇵🇭 He merge to other international Team to compete hi level player.

  13. My God, I never tire of seeing this game! GM So defeats GM Carlsen w/technical ease & a calmness unknown to most chess players. Again, it's only a matter of time before GM So is champion of all the world's chess titles! Tic Toc…go Wesley!!

  14. What a NICE, INSANE, GOOD GAME!🎉🎉 So many sacrifices in the game. So GOOD!

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