I Played Magnus Carlsen. He called it “Pretty Terrible.” I Disagree.

I Played Magnus Carlsen yet again…
Magnus clips courtesy of @chessbrah —
Full Chessbrah vod:


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  1. When will you stop playing with like 5 queens down against GMs and even super GMs?
    That's Soo embracing, disrespectful, and it just make you look like a beginner on top of all that.

  2. I’ve beaten magnum he ain’t that good

  3. You are one of the first chess content creators I followed. It was during quarantine, I'd just picked up playing again (used to play competitively until the age of 8-9, mid 2010s) to manage boredom in a healthier and more creative way. I believe I followed agadmator, then you and Gotham for more active content from stronger players. No shade to Antonio though, I still love his videos and his style of reacting to top-level games.

    I come back to your channel the most out of the three though. Your content is still game-oriented, not clickbaity or as in your face as other top chess Youtubers. It's mostly you and Danya nowadays. I want to thank you for staying consistent and staying true to the game. When I watch your videos now I get the feeling that you're the best of both worlds. Cheers

  4. 'I was trying to set up a stalemate trap' your a queen down against best player ever resign dumass

  5. I trust that you don't cheat but I can totally see how easy it would be for an unsporting player to cheat only very occasionally – perhaps only when there is one move that will result in an improved position and that improved position is unusually decisive. A player who cheated like this – only one or two moves a game – but the most important moves – would be very difficult to detect…

  6. Wow. Listening to Eric comment that he thought that his play against Magnus was "maybe a story to tell his grandchildren." Just a class player all around.

  7. I think youre madly underrated and that Magnus‘ comment was about his own play, cause he mentioned that hes getting busted. If not, then Magnus should maybe check the game before saying things like this.

  8. He criticized his own play. Because you made 2 blunders which saved him.

  9. Magnus is not known for making accurate accusations against opponents

  10. You'll never be in a position to formally compete with Magnus OTB. Calling him out publicly doesn't help your case. Yes, it was a nice game. But we in chat are no Magnus caliber players. Magnus felt the game was terrible and based on his standards he has every right to say so. I would be proud and happy to play Magnus if the opportunity ever presented itself. The last thing I would do is call him out to critiquing the game.

  11. Rosen will play into ridiculous sidelines of the silliest openings known to man and seriously wonder aloud, “Hmmm….what’s the theory here?”

  12. magnus invokes his 'terrible' play quite often when accepting another 1st place trophy

  13. He meant HE played pretty terrible – it was a fun aggressive game and you found the moves pretty well.

  14. Damn!!! Its Win +16/Draw +8/Lose +0 for Eric. First time ever I've seen this

  15. when the goat said you played bad you should listen.

  16. There is reason why magnus is the best and Eric Rosen is 2nd best

  17. Move 6 was an illegal move because en passant is forced.

  18. maybe the game was pretty to him, and he called you TERRIBLE!! (if yes, SHOTS FIRED!!!!) lol

  19. I think Eric is right that he had chances. For a while Eric's attack was menacing, he really had Magnus on the defensive. Not sure why he traded his queen, though, when it was so powerfully placed. But for blundering the king/rook fork, Eric still may have pulled out a victory..

  20. Cool, I don't know about chess software but I didn't know it's possible to challenge a #1 guy in chess as a terrible player in today's landscape.

  21. Dam Eric really dropped the ball. He always looks at the sacs first show how much magnus is in his head

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