I Quit

This is recap of round 9 of Menorca Open, a chess tournament I’m playing in Spain 🙂 Hope you enjoy!!

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(Affiliate link, purchases made through this link may generate revenue for Anna)

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  1. Anna, you SUPER!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  2. Our little Turtle ain't no quitter, Besides you are too valuable to the world of chess and promoting it. Keep up the great work and you are better than you state. Bring out the great snapping turtle from within, lol .

  3. Please stop the clickbait, you’re better than this

  4. "Anna should quit chess"

    People say that and dont know she would clean the floor with them in a match.

  5. If you can't wake up until 9.30 what time are you going to sleep?

  6. Spilling your coffee, most awkward thing ever? Try firing a friend. Not fun.

  7. Love you Anna, but hate this types of click bait, thanks god when I entered to the video, someone’s comment said that you didn’t quit

  8. ANNA, you understand Chess, however you understand virtually nothing about your brain and body…

    Goggle Johnny Carson/ Bobby Fisher.

    Bobby understood chess is half mental, half physical AND he trained accordingly…

    I have watched enough of your channel to accurately assess your diet and physical regime and it does not surprise me you played so erratic in this match..

    Find yourself a natural nutrition advisor and adopt a physical routine that suits your life style and you will see vast improvement

  9. She learned that Bait move from Levy. She never fails to not quit. Next Video title "I will never play chess again" (after i have died).

    I don't mind the bait would have watched anyway. 10/10

  10. Your live stream was the first chess tournament I have watched, that is, seeing players sitting across from each other. Travel, food, lodging, meeting countless strangers, and sitting for hours. No wonder Magnus stepped back a bit from classical chess. The long games look grueling. As for you. my guess is you will make GM. Your enthusiasm for the game is fun to watch.

  11. I have all of these beautiful ideas but I used none of them. funny

  12. I love your work, I understand that you're mad at ppl calling you bad, but I reported this video as spam anyway… massive disappointment that you're doing such a clickbait.

  13. Ah, interesting observation… if you lose it's generally two mistakes not one? Okay, I will remember that. I guess mistakes begat mistakes!!!

  14. Love your fighting spirit and determination. That's a champion. Rest up , study , and listen to your heart. CHESS PRINCESS

  15. The toughest fighters are fighters who got beat and became strong.

  16. I like your teeth when you smile, or rather your smile when you show your teeth.

  17. Yay!!! So happy you're not quitting. You're a fighter. Grrr

  18. So it was just a clikbait, i am happy.

  19. Go Anna! You certainly didn’t fool me. You are a much too competitive and positive person to be quitting just because of a couple of minor setbacks!
    I love to watch your games and analysis! 👏👏

  20. You must learn to how to lose before you can win. That means learning to learn from your mistakes! Good for you! And use the negative comments for motivation. Those are all from people who have never left their mommies basement! You’re going to do fine, keep fighting!

  21. For some time now I have suspected that Anna isn't interested in Chess anymore. Instead, Anna is interested in the attention from streaming and YouTube content. There'd have to be very good reasons why Chess has taken a secondary position of interest, but still, what is the value of chess-content to consumers from authors who aren't interested in improvement?

  22. "de todas la buenas jugadas.. yo no jugué ninguna de ellas". Esto es por el embrujo de Menorca, ja ja. . Un saludo Anna, sigue así, como eres.

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