I Shouldn’t Have Underestimated Him…

This is the recap of round 4 of the chess tournament I’m playing in – Reykjavik Open. In this round I played a 1600 rated player I completely underestimated. Hope you enjoy the video!

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  1. You're going to play against THE Eric Rosen? Well, good luck, that guy is not joke. He'll make you suffer, he'll deceive you, he'll lie. He'll pretend that he blundered his Queen, just to check mate you in the next move.

    Watch out for that Eric, kiddo.

  2. Saw recent article about you on CNN. It seems like you are trying to capitalize on "me too" by playing some sort of victim.

  3. I have just watched more than an hour of chess games. It’s almost like it is a sport.

  4. Awesome win Anna! From watching your vids I've learned two new words: blowcade and spawnge. JK, good luck the rest of the way, looking forward to more.

  5. Great videos! And keep up the good work !

    and I would like to know what lavalier microphone you are using 😀

  6. I literally saw Eric Rosen playing next to you and I was like: Yay Eric is there, but when you said that you two would play together in the next match, I went crazy. Good luck, you will need it.

  7. Very lucky game – and indeed the 1600 rating effect happened, a major blunder. But don't forget that you are a massive YouTube personality which could be daunting to your opponents, and you are very charismatic and have a higher rating than he had – and all of it is being recorded, so he must have felt a lot of pressure. Well done on the win!

  8. For a very long time I thought the same thing: "You should castle." But no, you shouldn't! You should play clever moves, whatever that is.

  9. I do stuff like exchanging the Queen or rook when I could just take with a pawn. Sometimes you get an idea, the board changes to your advantage, and well, I had an idea and I am sticking with it. Not by choice, I don’t realise I have a choice at that point.

  10. Aye Eric's sitting right beside her let's go!!!

  11. His last move showed a good sense of humor.

  12. I know the need for creative content, but I notice she has been underestimating her fellow chess players be it underrated or old, maybe better just concentrate on improving your own game repertoire

  13. good game anna ! You had difficult time at the beginning, but you managed to win anyway. Wish you luck for the rest of the tournament.

  14. Feels like on 15:08 knight to e6 is a better move — forks the queen and the king. Am I missing something?

  15. What a brilliant video!!!
    Loved seeing a local British player facing a word famous steamer. Kevin you played a great game. Ana, your enthusiasm is infectious, a real credit to chess.
    Good luck in the rest of the tournament.

  16. I'm like that too in that I play well and then lose concentration and lose my advantage and tilt a lot. So many otb rapid games where I was totally winning ended in disaster

  17. Wasn't Eric playing next to you now? 😀 15:25 I have noticed him 😀

  18. WISH YOU THE BEST for your next match!!!

  19. Excited to watch two awesome content creators and hearing the recap.

  20. Eric Rosen's right beside her playing chess

  21. Didn't notice Eric in the background until 11 minutes in lol

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