I’m Cancelling Guess The Elo


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0:00 Intro
1:16 Game 1
5:45 Game 2
12:00 Game 3
21:35 Game 4
30:05 Game 5

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  1. Guess the ELO gets cancelled like every other episode

  2. As soon as I saw 50% off, I had to stop the video and immediately go to Chessly, lol. Thanks, Levy.

  3. Gothamchess im a big fan can I please be in a video of guess the video please tell me how to if yes I'm a big fan widh to see you in person

  4. "Is this your friend? Did you pay this guy to lose to you?"


  5. Yo levy, I got 2 brilliant moves in 1 game today, and I KNEW what I was doing

  6. 21:38 love that this is back, I’m a recent subscriber and watched almost all the old episodes.

  7. I find GTE’s like this very stressful to watch. I can’t even imagine what it must be like from Levy’s perspective.

  8. Levy i just want to say that you perfectly described us 800elo players because our early games are really a massacre😂

  9. New Hampshire has Manchester Regional Airport. Never use Logan always use Manchester.

  10. as a queens gambit enjoyer, i will check out the course

  11. Can confirm we have airports in New Hampshire.

  12. At 10:13 why the hell couldn’t the king move to g6 or g5? There’s literally nothing there im confused

  13. Yooooo! It’s my boy Sean!

  14. I will never submit guess the elo. I swear

  15. "is this magnus" 5 seconds later.. prob 1500 XD

  16. Whenever I play chess and miss a mate, I can just hear Levy screaming his mind off. Not so much when I hang something, but when I miss a mate I can just hear his annoying high pitched voice haha

  17. please ban "Hi YT" from your twitch comments that's hands down the corniest shit its 2023 not 2016

  18. Levy I want to see if you could show me how to submit a game to guess the elo because I'm am really bad.😅 And want to give you great content.

  19. I personally liked your whole deal way more in your Wired Chess Support video. Less coffeinish talk. Actually watchable for me. Very much even. I feel disappointed.

  20. 🇺🇦Пиво в руке, мат на доске🇺🇦


  21. Can we just appreciate the fact that the sub count was 69 for the entire video?

  22. out of all the openigns you chose to counter queens gambit declined . guessing u dont love me

  23. Does he always change the titles after an hour or two? lol

  24. It's like watching a car wreck in slow motion

  25. The 4th game looked like something i would have created and im like 650 700

  26. Levy play my Tesla and see if it’s better than a plane or a treadmill

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