I Taught My Dog To Play Chess

i guess she’s got the dawg in her..

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  1. He gave up doing challenges, now he's making his dog do them 💀💀

  2. Makwa is basically like my dog, because my dog barks at the wind, begs for a belly rub the moment I get in through the door

  3. This guy is one of the most hardworking guy in the world

  4. i mean, i play chess, so i dont really think a dog playing chess is too impressive

  5. POV: the only thing you do on a new video is say first🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

  6. Makwa is better than my dog 😂 my dog is too lazy to get a potato chip on the floor and makes me hand it to her on the couch . She surprises me every day

  7. I loved your video could you give me a shot out

  8. Imagine a chess grandmaster loses to a dog XD

  9. The first dog to learn how to play chess in history.congrats

  10. When a dog is better then you at chess:

  11. Fun fact: when your dog barks at something and there's nothing there they are barking at a ghost dogs can see ghost

  12. How can a littarel dog be beter than me in chess lol

  13. Isaiah does every random thing in the universe I swear

  14. Bro’s gonna teach his dog to play 3d chess

  15. 100th comment, lol, Bro imagine losing to a dog.

  16. Next video is going to be him having a 1v1 with a fish he found in his garden

  17. A man taught his dog to smile so you can teach your dog to play chess🐕

  18. Love you videos so much!, You always find something so interesitng to present to us!

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