I Taught My Dog To Play Chess

i guess she’s got the dawg in her..

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  1. u should teach me how to play chess next time

  2. bro my cat is smarter I taught her how to give me a high five in 5 minutes

  3. Tanjima sultana tani Tanjima sultana tani says:

    I think the dog is barking a spirit or demon 👻👹

  4. My dog can chess Really and he looks like your dog

  5. My dog could probably learn how to play chess but he is just too lazy

  6. This dudes dog can play chess and I don’t know a single thing about it😂

    Edit: nvm I just learned

  7. Barking at the wind may mean the dog can see something the visible eye can't

  8. Bro played half of the moves which she never told 😂
    Actually all but ok 😂

  9. So that means I learned how to play the hardest game in to minutes.

  10. You think dogs bark at nothing but if you didn’t know dogs can see spirits

  11. I thought of this idea today and saw if people have done this, your video popped up. Your video is great keep up the good job!

  12. My man used scholars mate in the thumb nail

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