FRANK Solved Chess

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  1. Legend knows Frank is only interested getting closer and closer to Mitten's elo

  2. For the first 2 seconds of any of his vids he always just looks so menacing 😈😈😈😈😈💀💀💀💀💀

  3. Not chess related but you make alot of mma comments. Who do you like in a fight Jones or Ngannou?

  4. Cheeky Frank will rise to claim his rightful place among the chess gods

  5. Ladies and gentlemen, the only chess game that matters:

  6. Would love to see a series with you and Frank. Have been checking out some of his streams since you coached him.

    He's really been listening to your advice & improving greatly. He's been cooking. Would love to see what you coukd accomplish with Frank, reckon he could be a devil with the knights

    (Also: dang, Levy, You're a great teacher. Amazing how much info you packed into the lesson w/o it being overwhelming)

  7. Chess is like pawns. Once you learn something you can't unlearn it. Frank will never be the same.

  8. Very frustrating watching someone miss checkmate jesus

  9. Frank is a scumbag. It's an awful association for you to have Levy. I'm sure people will give me shit for this but just watch his first ever stream before passing comment. Eye-opening.

  10. its finally here, levy analyzing frank.

  11. I was waiting for:


  12. Levy's prediction on Izzy vs Alex didn't quite hit the mark lol

  13. A beautiful example of work and dedication. Thank you.

  14. 0:08 Who's this GothamChess guy? Sounds like an 800 Elo Player.

  15. As a dude from the country, country part of Mississippi….we do still ride horses, and have only 300 people…

  16. In the world of chess, there's a clickbait name
    FRANK Solved Chess, with claims so insane
    That he solves the game, like no other
    And even beats the best, like it's a bother

    But the truth is, it's all just for show
    A ploy to get more views, and make us go
    To watch the videos, and increase the score
    Of the views game, that we abhor

    And in this world of clickbait hype
    Gotham Chess has a decision to type
    To play along, and go with the flow
    Or stay true to the game, and let it show

    That chess is not just about ratings and wins
    But about the joy and love it brings
    To learn, to grow, and to improve
    Not just for fame, but for the love to groove

    So let's not be fooled by the clickbait trend
    And let's enjoy the game, until the end
    For chess is beautiful, in all its forms
    And that's what makes it, a game of norms.

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