I Tried 100 Elo Chess

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  1. Honestly an amazing video. Work your way up to your level. Next is 300 elo. Every 200 you move up. Amazing.

  2. 15:50 I think it's coz the average intellectual aptitude for chess players (no matter the rating), has increased over recent years. An average 1200 of today is a grandmaster of the 1800s

  3. Spend a day at 800 elo, that would be informative and educational

  4. Maybe they're scared. They're ghosting. (Maybe they're playing a game of chess tho)

  5. ok i love that they will get there elo back i almost didnt watch it because i didnt think they would

  6. Levy, you can't expect 1600 play from a 200. These could be innocent 5 year old kids not raised by GM parents 🙂

  7. Me (300 elo) looking at 100 elo people: Peasants

  8. "That's the wandering horse gambit." Bro. You could hook up a random number generator to the legal move selector and chess nerds would be like "Ah yes, the stromberg countergambit."

  9. anybody ever realised that gotham chess looks like gordon freeman

  10. You should do it every few hundred elo rather than every 500 (e.g. every 250 elo, although 300 for the next one cause your started at 150) you could make the series longer and I personally would rlly like to see more of this type of vid

  11. I like this concept as potentially a series for seeing what kind of mistakes players are making at different levels of chess. As added benefit, may help Levy at GTE.

  12. The last opponent is Russian, so they didn't understand him 😀 (Typical for <400 ELO Russian players)

  13. 100 rated chess, but your an IM and must not take rating from other 100s

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