I Tried 100 Elo Chess

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  1. that last game is how you shouldve done the whole video that was comedy

  2. Maybe the only epic stalemate in chess history lol… also you should be glad people in the 100s dont watch your videos

  3. Maybe they are all 100 elo because they do not watch you

  4. If the king moves its a bishop checkmate, he is acctually smart

  5. Don't feel bad, new players don't even know that there is a chat.

  6. Yo you should do a collab with ChessSimp. The first thing I thought of when I saw 100 Elo Chess. Maybe a video like ‘Guess the challenge’

  7. I was the chess champ through out my younger years. Obviously, they were mistaken. I love your channel and I'm ashamed at how bad I really am. As always, Chris Bitonti

  8. After how to win at chess, I think Levy should make a series called how to lose at chess

  9. I'm putting in a vote for more videos like this. Very fun.

  10. (Verse 1)

    In the city of chess, where legends are made,

    There's a knight with a crown, unafraid.

    GothamChess, he goes by the name,

    Master of strategy, a grandmaster's fame.


    With every move, he conquers the board,

    Analyzing positions, his mind sharp as a sword.

    From the opening gambits to endgame grace,

    GothamChess leaves opponents in a daze.


    GothamChess, the king of the squares,

    Master of tactics, no one compares.

    With his chessboard cape, he takes flight,

    Defying the darkness, bringing brilliance to light.

    (Verse 2)

    He dives into battles, fearlessly dives,

    Calculating strategies, where victory thrives.

    With pawns as his soldiers, he commands the fight,

    Guiding them forward, with strategy so tight.

  11. Gotham: Playing versus noobs.
    Alsi Gotham: Do you watch GothamChess?

  12. More like this, if you can, please.

  13. Just another day at the basement of chess!! But that was fun, wasn't it? Yes, the bottom of the chess world has been raised.

  14. People don’t respond because they’re very focused on the board. I don’t use the chat until the game is over even in rapid

  15. I rarely look at the chat during a match. That’s probably the case with these players.

  16. Please do a sequel, this was really fun to watch

  17. It’s comforting to know that I’m not bad, when I’m fact the really bad players are actually just really good. And that’s why my ELO is so low. Phew!

  18. "Anybody who I beat…by accident, because I'm not even trying…" True enough, but assuming that they match you with opponents of the "same" elo, that shouldn't be too hard as it is arguably harder to perform badly on purpose.

    9:54 Ooooooooooooookay. iambad300 obviously saw it, but why did (s)he/they decide to sacrifice the Rook for the Bishop or hang the Knight for free?

    "Listen, you don't want to win the game, I don't want to win the game either. I'm doing a Youtube video. I'm doing my best here."

    -Levy Rozman, Father's Day 2023 (BTW, Levy, if you ever decide to put any of your own games in How to Lose at Chess, this game in particular would be an excellent one.)

  19. 08:05 it is sad when you get ghosted but it`s even sadder when you don't

  20. Iambad300 deserves to be a 1000 Elo💯

  21. Actually a good content will be you resigning every time your opponent blunders a piece

  22. Hey Levy, former 4000 rated player here, thanks to your videos I'm now cruising smoothly through 2000 🙏

  23. It is so funny when they offer you a draw.

  24. Its like usually below 400 elo players don't know much endgame

  25. Levi: I’ve been ghosted twice
    Me: Me too Levi, me too 😢

  26. I really liked this kind of content, please make more of this and tnx for your day to day effort
    keep it up 🔥❤️

  27. That first game was awesome, so funny how that ended😂

  28. WoooooooooooooW bro is on level infinity with that 40 years old brain. explains why I couldn't win one chess game on my 70th lesson of chess😂 bruh

  29. I thought you were not doing videos anymore??

  30. The further the video went the more it turned into an episode of chess simp

  31. Also it's so damn common to get some bm like stalling for beginners. I'm 700 and deal with that bs pretty often. If you think you're losing – resign, don't make the other person wait for auto resign

  32. in my experience
    100 blitz is 400 rapid
    400 blitz is 700 rapid

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