I tried 500 Elo Chess. It was a mistake.

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  1. Phew, thankfully the kidnapper has given him a shirt with sleeves

  2. I'm a 600 but I get tough players like in game review they get upto 1100 rating

  3. this feels so condescending, like he's commenting on a toddlers' drawing each time the opponent makes a move lol

  4. I hope one of these guys waits a year or two and submits their game against gotham on guess the elo just to see if he realizes its him making all of these mistakes

  5. The last game was such a masterpiece. The whole video is. Thank you, Levy

  6. Imagine raiding a whole ass village but then forgetting to bring your pony 🐎 back

  7. dude, please, enjoy your vacations and let the youtube and chess for a bit to clean your mind and relax 🙂 ♥

  8. Guys how do I send Gotham some games??.?

  9. That water is Levissima, I suppose you’re in Italy Levy

  10. What europe? europe Mallorca or europe Scottland

  11. If you asked the bullet player, Levy, you would not make him lose on time. 😉

  12. As a 500, can confirm bullet is disgusting

  13. What if the rapid game mouse slipped the bowdler

  14. It’s amazing how he still has a stare while being held hostage! 10/10

  15. PBS invited you on the show because u r Jewish imo, we all know hikaru has done more to spread chess not u.

  16. Yea let me move Kf1 where the queen can literally take me

  17. 1000 would be great if you could do that

  18. I’m guessing most of these are prob 1100-1300 rapid, the ELO difference comes from poor clock management and tons of tunnel vision

  19. OK, seeing the water bottle sticker and the water in the background I found out that levy is in Italy, I'll keep you all updated on where exactly he is

  20. The knight went to a forest and didn’t see the trees…

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