EASY Chess Trap!

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  1. “Do you understand the concept of danger levels” moments said before disaster

  2. "your opponent plays the semi-Italian… this is a bad move"

  3. *does a different move

    “Hold up that’s not in the script”

  4. Chess make me angry when i do stupid mistakes, that's why i can't play even 8 moves

  5. Thank you very much, I was about to 1 v 1 my pro dad and because of your trap I won.
    gothamchess is the best bro

  6. There is actually a different variant to this where you move the knight instantly and let the bishop take your queen after that you just move the bishop in f7 and after the opponent moves king e7 you put the other knight in d5 and it’s checkmate, this is Called Légal’s checkmate

  7. This is smart unlike the dum Asian kid. Yes that one kid. I left a hate comment about him hear so he stayed out of my feed. 😂😂💀

  8. Wow. If only my opponent would play like I wanted him to.

  9. I honestly don't thinks there's anyone who wouldn't recognise this. The second you move the Bishop. At least anyone who knows a bit of chess

  10. this might help me i have sports fest coming up

  11. What if they move bishop c5 instead of pawn d6 😔

  12. So thank you, i did this move finally

  13. White: pe4
    Black: pe5
    White: kf3
    black: pd6

  14. Except they won’t make those moves.

  15. It’s not very legal (hahaha I’m so funny)

  16. I played chess with my dad this morning so thats how i got check💀

  17. This feels familiar this move is so familiar i remember watching a guy playing valorant while playing chess with these moves

  18. Do you know the ** you trap you win in 2 moves

  19. Spelt like "Legal", but pronounced as "LEEgal"? What

  20. The only way to confuse my opponent is to confuse myself. 50% chance I'll checkmate them and I'll take those chances

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