I Tried EXTREME Chess

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  1. Thumbnail is really awesome ❤❤❤

  2. 1:07 it’s been a while since Gotham clapped to change screens – how nostalgic

  3. Levy never fails to have chess kids be his form of birth control.

  4. Loved Girl 2's logic. "It won't be check-mate if we soak him enough"

  5. This is close to being True I use to participate in Chess Tournaments in the mid to late 90s and OMG .. Because the brain uses so much sugar and calories and Following each Branch of moves you have to computate . you are using incredible amounts of calories ..

  6. its really sweet to see levy giving them a chance and the clips were amazing

  7. I'd like to suggest an extreme chess variation.

    Hot Stone Chess: You have to stand on a bed of hot stones during the entire chess game.

  8. Paintball chess. You vs a team of paintball and you have until they capture the flag to beat um

  9. I can’t believe how exciting and beautiful of a chess journey have you made for me. I remember being 800 about 2 years ago. I am now 1800, all thanks to you Levy..You are the best.

  10. Levy was so humble. He didn't beat kids with his belt.

  11. STUNT WHEN? (You lost the third game because en passant is obviously forced, cant believe you pointed it out but still performed this barbaric act!)

  12. leave it to levi to get blasted from all angles by some kids

  13. i guess you could say those kids made gotham wet

  14. Extreme chess idea: Whenever a piece is captured, you have to run 100 meters but only the one who captured. The idea behind it is that you have to manage your strength while running to keep going and also keep an eye on the clock. Maybe you have to delay a capture or two to catch your breath while the effort of running also affects your logical thinking. An endgame under time pressure would certainly be fun then.

  15. Rock climbing chess you can do it on your phone and have to climb a certain amount between each move. The opening will be easier but middle game and end game will be tough

  16. Should do skydiving chess! I just did it today. It’s very fun but I’m interested at how you incorporate chess

  17. Definitely not the Michel Khare thumbnail…

  18. Me gusta lo que hace Levi, incita a los más pequeños a jugar y que no muera el ajedrez. Grande gotham

  19. (Semi) serious suggestion: enormous chess, where the pieces weigh like 100 pounds.

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