I TROLLED This Chess Hustler Into Thinking I Was A Beginner

In this video, I went to Union Square Park and tried to make my opponent think I was a beginner in chess. His name is Tyrone and is a super nice guy that loves teaching chess! This was all just in good fun, and my opponent took it really well when I told him my real strength.

A chess hustler is just someone that plays chess on the streets for money. Union Square Park is a famous chess hustling NYC park, where hustlers play visitors from all over the world.

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  1. Click bait wording.. You didnt TROLL and your are the HUSLER !

  2. The guy was a decent chap. He tried helping you until it dawned on him that you were far better than you claimed.

    I had to laugh when you told him you played a lot with your Mum. He didn't know how good your Mum was!

    Super fun game…I love the way you play with such a sunny disposition.

  3. I admire you, Anna. You're amazing as a genius and as a human. Your humility is the best beyond your brain.
    Blessings and take care!

  4. That was so cool! Great fun for both of you and us watching. Nice work Anna. The only aural issue was that your mic placement made you way louder than him….

  5. Great job lady, such a class act 🙄🙄🙄

  6. I wonder if it was on purpose that you kept giving your opponent opportunities, such as by playing 34. Bb3??, or was it because of the time?

  7. Nice and wholesome video, but FORK YOU for that clickbait title. Calling him a hustler is pathetic, rude and selfish. You maybe a chess master , but a social fail.

  8. First time I've seen this Young lady what a fantastic player l'm going to have do some wikipedeing on this player the gentleman is also a fine player.

  9. The black guys is a dishonest hustler?? Crazy!

  10. nothing more dangerous than a woman with chess knowledge :🙂

  11. Sad you said you "trolled" a chess "hustler", but he is just a nice guy in the park. I would change your title.

  12. This reminds me of a time we had friends over and one of them thought my roommate was not that smart and challenged him to chess. He didn't know my roommate and I had been playing 3-5 games a day for a year. He was beside himself getting beaten every game, some within a few moves. (not dissing on ty, It is just funny when people figure out you can play.)

  13. Why is this title call this guy a HUSTLER? You are the HUSTLER!

    This guy is the nicest guy. You pretend to not know how to play chess. Why for click bait? This super cool guy who clearly loves the game and people. You could learn from him how to treat people and be a decent human.

  14. This old timer is great. Doing what he loves with passion.

  15. I'd love to play Ty, he seems like such a class individual. A real gentleman, who understands the pleasure is in the game, not necessarily winning. Respect, Tyrone!

  16. A joy to watch this, there are no negatives here, thank you ❤

  17. Ha this is great! Amidst all this diversity, equity, and inclusion bullshit, it's nice to see a white girl troll a black person. Cheers from Corona, California!

  18. too bad I couldn't understand anything Tyrone said because of his stupid mask

  19. Fun watch but gotta down vote for the fact that you’re calling this man a hustler. The only hustler I see is you.

  20. She is a monster. Exploiting people for clout.

  21. dude is wearing a mask, he's already been hustled

  22. Hustler??? really? Did you learn from him? Did you learn more than chess? Did you walk away from the experience with better understanding of the world you live in besides getting more clicks on a video? He wasn't the hustler, my dear, YOU WERE.

  23. Not nice to con/hustle this gentleman.👎🏻

  24. When Ana played Nc5 instead of c4 I began to question whether she was trying to win. I think I could probably beat her if that's an illustration of her understanding of chess.

  25. Hahaha! Seems like YOU are the hustler here Anna, well played, well played..

  26. Obviusly she beat him on time, but last move, why can't he move the black queen to G 6 and offer to exchange Queens, he can still win the game ?

  27. actually hustling means to pretend like you are new and fool someone into taking their money, so the hustler here would be you as you were not genuine and his guard was down from the start since it was just a fun game with a supposed noob

  28. I think people are being a bit unfair on this guy. He knew pretty early on he was dealing with a good player. To me it seems that he just passionate about the game!😊

  29. So who's the hustler then? 😝

  30. You trolled potential viewers into thinking this video was something it wasn't, well done.

  31. Love your videos but you're really the hustler in these street videos.

  32. Can u change the title to remove the hustler part?

  33. What move should he have played to prevent the check?

  34. anybody else just find this ridiculously wholesome?

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