I TROLLED This Chess Hustler Into Thinking I Was A Beginner

In this video, I went to Union Square Park and tried to make my opponent think I was a beginner in chess. His name is Tyrone and is a super nice guy that loves teaching chess! This was all just in good fun, and my opponent took it really well when I told him my real strength.

A chess hustler is just someone that plays chess on the streets for money. Union Square Park is a famous chess hustling NYC park, where hustlers play visitors from all over the world.

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  1. What a nice man and good player. He recognized your ability early on. He would be a fun person to play chess against.

  2. Why would she try to troll him? He's a nice guy who teaches people to play one game at a time.

  3. The Hustler had a free pawn on E5. Take with Bishop, White Bishop is hanging.

  4. "Me and my mom play a lot", did not mention that mom is a grand master though… Really fun game! I think that he really is a natural teacher, and a really good player.

  5. I couldn't play her , I would lose every time because I spent all time looking at her and not the broad ❤

  6. It was really great hearing something other than "take, take, take"

  7. This chess hustler was offering bad moves, so she can lose. A bunch of snowflake idiots in the comments.

  8. Maybe terms have changed meanings since I was younger, but the term 'hustler' used to mean someone who pretended to be a novice at something and make wagers on the game, only showing their true talent once the bet was made.

  9. This man is so wholesome and anna is one of the nicest people I love watching you ❤❤❤

  10. I hope Ty got some ad revenue from 4.8M views 🫶

  11. Tyrone needs his own channel if you ask me.

  12. Wow….he seems like such a good guy…..he's having fun.

  13. The only way to lose twice in one game is to fail to resign after time runs out

  14. At first I followed you bc u were hot but now I see following a grand master has proved beneficial because my game has improved just by watching you !!!

  15. Idk I find this to be pretty classless. Like dude comes from the streets and some rich white girl who’s dad probably spent thousands on private chess lessons for her just comes in and embarrassed him and records it. I’m sure if he could get to his level with absolutely no training or teaching at all he could probably destroy her if he was given the same opportunities she had. Idk just seems a bit gross to me.

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