It’s OVER!!!

Arjun Erigaisi played Hikaru Nakamura in the last and final round of Grand Swiss 2023 played at Isle of Man. This one was for all the marbles.


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  1. if hikaru gets to thec chess world championship it will be the most viewed chess tournament of all time
    Go Hikaru !

  2. congrats on making it back! I think I remember where if you had tried to win your last game it turned out to matter because it wasn't a sure thing on whether Magnus was going to compete or not. Maybe not, but in any case good luck Hikaru!

  3. ask Cagnus Marlson to be your second? 😂

  4. "White always has the possibility of moving the rook and playing c4, c5…" Except that you can play Na7…

  5. Congrats on your Candidates Ticket & strong tournament performance.

  6. Congrats almost won it all, but Candidates Here We Go

  7. that was an exciting tournament, congratulations on the Candidate spot-

  8. Wow Hikaru Plays in the Grand Swiss, Wins, and Comes Home, but still makes a video,😲😲😲 Great Job💯/💯💪💪💪👏

  9. Nice. Gotta win the candidates next 🎉 than we going for world champ 🏆

  10. OMG!!! Congratulations!!! Thats fantastic news. I would love to see you play for a WCC title and I’m happy you have your shot!

  11. Hikaru is a streamer, he spanks people for fun.

  12. I’m very excited you’re in the Candidates. This time you will win as you’re playing fearlessly and with confidence. Way to go with your gut and play 1. c5. Nice work!

  13. do you think when he's analyzing a position during a tournament he's thinking about a pair of knights as "deez knights"?

  14. Congrats! ask MAGNUS if he'l be on your team because he's not gonna play in it himself LOL LOL LOL!!!!!

  15. Hikaru as champion would be the only thing that would bring Magnus back.

  16. "My queen is stronger than deez knights." Unintentional pun.

  17. Being a fan of yours, Champ, and being following you on your channel and your streams for years, I think it's time to have a new team/coach, maybe someone like Nepo or Raport or Judit Polgar or Vladimir Kramnik. I know that little Jhonny has been with you for over 20 years but why not try to give the comming tournament a last REAL/Strong preparation? In any way we'll be your fans and we'll always cheer for you, Champ.

  18. Hi. Great channel. Hikaru, Who do you think has been your biggest competitor? Thank you for your kind response.

  19. "He's basically playing against stockfish" You're not wrong. 😂🤣

  20. congrats! I think you have what it takes to be World Champ. Take a break from streaming and get ready! this is your time.

  21. Another great tournament, you're goated 🐐

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