I Was SHOCKED When I Realized Who My Bar Opponent Was…

I played a blitz chess tournament in Paris, in a bar called Blitz society, and faced someone that I really was not expecting. Hope you enjoy the video and let me know what you think about the voice over!

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(Affiliate link, purchases made through this link may generate revenue for Anna)

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  1. Hey, great game! Very nice commentary. I want to see more of these OTB games, especially in the faster time controls.

  2. Great game! I think I saw this before but it is an interesting game. RT, NewZ

  3. im not even into chess but im invested in your videos!

  4. Never watched chess before but whats with the clock it should just gave you 30 mins and him 6 to start with it kept adding seconds to your side

  5. i learned a lot by watching this video

  6. This is an amazing game. Very witty and quick, both of you. I think you can win against this guy.

  7. How come your time on the clock reversed?

  8. Why did he have more time than you at start?

  9. I had to think a little bit who is "Wojtek Soczeki" but realized that Americans read CH as CZ – Wojtek Sochacki.

  10. You're right, if he had gone Knight D4 to take Pawn F3 then he would have checked your King again.

  11. Bravo Wojtek Sochacki you are really good player !!

  12. Without even watching the match, I can tell that she would have lost to 2300 guy.

  13. What an incredible game!!!! How do you think this would have worked out if you both had a bit more time?

  14. Love her bubbly and positive personality, coupled with her looks. Definitely wife material.

  15. the most striking thing about watching Anna's videos, is how like every euro dude she plays against always has the personality of a piece of toast. they always have zero personality, little sense of humor, and are just autistic as hell.

  16. His clock was not working correctly. It froze or added 2 seconds once pressed.
    Nice video.

  17. I don’t know anything about chess, but shouldn’t his clock be counting down too?

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