I Was SHOCKED When I Realized Who My Bar Opponent Was…

I played a blitz chess tournament in Paris, in a bar called Blitz society, and faced someone that I really was not expecting. Hope you enjoy the video and let me know what you think about the voice over!

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(Affiliate link, purchases made through this link may generate revenue for Anna)

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  1. No entiendo inglés, ni se lo que está pasando en el partido, pero es interesante mirar, me gusta la música que ponés y la narración que hacés mientras juegan, aunque no entiendo ni J lo que decís. Muy lindo. Gracias.

  2. 1:04 it was at this moment, she knew she f*"ck up 😅, afortunately was'nt 😅

  3. The music is super intense. 😄 So different from your usual vibe. It's a bit funny because it almost feels sarcastic.

  4. wow this is actually one of the best instructional formats ive ever seen

  5. Great game Anna!

    I thought you would loose on time….

    Little does he know Anna has spent most of her chess career with 10 seconds on the clock :-)!

    Well done amazingly well played Anna! I think it says something that you were just focused on the game and you forgot what the level of your opponent was – I think sometimes you psyche yourself out abit when you play good players and don't quite play at the level you actually are. Great commentary too! Good to see you so happy!

  6. Day whatever of not being able to watch an Anna Cramling video without leaving in a better mood and a smile on my face

  7. Anna you played some of the best chess you have in your life here. Every move was perhaps the best.

  8. Loved the commentary!!! Super good format… honestly, sometimes the banter across the board when 99.9% of the players brains are on chess can get a little nonsensical and irritating. This was wayyyy better 🙂

  9. Well done Anna – a brilliant battle. Merry Christmas 🙂

  10. If only you could avoid getting into time trouble in every game Anna!!!

  11. Anna, in English calm is pronounced 'kɑːm' ie. the 'L' is silent 🙂

  12. 13:04 black bishop on C4 is the better choice ! Because white king cannot defend the white bishop without matt ! Then with this move, black take a big advantage !

  13. Good game! But I don't understand if he takes b5 is mate with your knight in c3 no? Not worth to try other ways?

  14. NO SABIA QUE HABLABAS ESPAÑOL! jajajaja te cambia mucho la personalidad en español saludos desde Venezuela!

  15. Very nice job. When time becomes an issue it just gets crazy.

  16. The music was really beautiful in the background 👀

  17. One of my favorite videos that you've posted. I enjoyed the voice over. Thank you for sharing your world!

  18. Chess fascinates me, perhaps because I know nothing about it… I watch people play, make moves and share their reasoning behind them yet none of it ever satisfies me, for some reason… I feel like the end of every game has been decided at the start by the very first move,… and all those moves between the first and the last are just necessary ordeal to get through, yet I cannot grasp nor explain the underlying logic of it all, not yet anyway o/

  19. Yoooo this format was awesome. Hearing you go through every move with the clear voiceover was great.

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