You won’t BELIEVE this Chess Drama.

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  1. the bottom line is the rules and tournament structure should be clear enough that people can't argue or appeal for certain events to count or not.

  2. I thought the title is a clickbait but it's actually one of your best videos, both informative and entertaining (you were amused and so were we). If I were FIDE I'd throw monkey in a wrench… "you play with the rules- so do we. we're changing the rules and adding five more players to the candidates, and we're inviting top 5 players from juniors' list, mwahahahahhh"

  3. This is like if Man United invited 3 EFL championship teams for a tournament to get into the Champions League round of 16. Except United would still bottle it somehow

  4. Levy is like Usopp saying that the pirates are coming

  5. These "dramas" are not really my thing to watch. I gave this one a chance, but I prefer seeing actual chess. Happy holidays!

  6. Me: just win so ez

    My gameplay history: 1000 losses 1 win

  7. I’d rather see Wesley in the candidates than Alireza based on this years games. Both are amazing chess players Alireza had a down year though

  8. This fiasco brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "pumping your own tires".

  9. Maybe the only way into the candidates should be winning a top tournament ran by FIDE directly such as the Grand Swiss and the like. If someone wins multiple then their qualification should be for the first one they played and the runner up of subsequent wins, should they happen, gets in. That way players aren't incentivized to try and game elo or circuit points and can instead focus on just trying to win prestigious tournaments.

  10. Levy never fails to promote Magnus Carlson even if he doesn`t want to play thetournament Levy is talking about.

  11. To call it "Race to the candidates" is just pure cheese 😂😂😂

  12. Scrap the current criteria. Let it be like NCAA division 1. Start from rounds of 32 until only 8 survivors left to play for the candidate.

  13. Didn't something similar happen in the last candidates, when Ding played a lot of last minute tournaments as well?

  14. I really thought he was about to start the video with “another day another victory for the og’s”

  15. Clickbait bull crap. Here to just kill your watch percentage.

  16. The name of Alirezas tournament is in itself some sort of mockery of the rules 😀

  17. i hope So will make an event which named Wesley So Road To Candidate

  18. Let's announce a tourney for wesley❤

  19. Well, at least the cheat Nieman is nowhere near qualifying… Look on the bright side.

  20. i like the candidates idea, all of this can be solved if they add a rule that a tournament need to be agreed upon a few months ahead by fide

  21. Chess drama is quickly becoming my favourite genre

  22. Not a good system, not even in theory. FIDE must change it.

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