You won’t BELIEVE this Chess Drama.

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  1. FIDE is also throwing for content.

  2. Finally a way for 2500 rated grandmasters to make money in chess

  3. I believe what Alireza did is very fair. As others point out, if the rules aren't fair everyone should exploit them to their advantage. The same way they say you should challenge the law if it doesn't make sense. Systems are made to evolve and change with the times.

  4. This is why elo got removed from competitive MTG but that's not a comparable game given the randomness and whatnot.

  5. I agree with 90% of what you said. I take umbrage with the 10% simping for China. The clearer regulations your calling for and with which I agree also would've either simply given Ding a spot or not. No denying his talent, but also no denying China is a huge market so the chess world, like many others (gaming, movie, etc.) Are afraid to call B.S. when it exists.

  6. They organized a specific tournament to let Firouzja farm ELO points

  7. Isn't it plain as day, that games evolve as people/teams find loopholes in the rules?

  8. Call it Levi’s ultimate climb to GM.
    Basically u will play 10,000+ games with lower rated players. Hey, it’s legal🤡 chess rules are weird.

  9. It's wild to me that FIDE has such a haphazard system. Even calling it the "FIDE Circuit" feels like a joke because it's really just any tournament that fulfills the qualifications. How is there not a real league or circuit?

  10. No, Ding did not qualify….rating yes, activity no.

    So he played rushed events locally. Same issue.

    Instead of whining that Firouzja did the samething….USCF/St Louis should be organizing a last minute event forW So.

    The fact that they won't is telling. Not out of principle, either.

    USCF actually changed its rating system when certain players (female) were meetig the mild activity requirement with rushed G/30 events.

    But what is the problem? Absent cheating, more events, more games played is better.

  11. Wesley has integrity and he is not desperate enough to make his own tournament.

  12. Wow they announced Alirezas Firouzja? Why would they announce his Firouzja like that?

  13. 17:48 Saying "Look at these Sherlock Holmes out here!" sarcastically while referring to a bunch of literal chess masters is so many layers of hilarity.

  14. Considering that Fabi knew about Chennai chess tournament a month back and the field was rated greater than 2700, the Chennai tournament was quite legit. It was invitational and the announcement was held back because they needed confirmation on which invited players were actually coming.

    But, Alireza's tournament is a joke. There is no two ways about that.

  15. If only chess was a sport filled with smart people that could figure this out.

  16. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. If we always used past precedent to guide and justify future actions, laws and standards would remain unchanged and stagnate in the face of an ever-changing society. FIDE potentially doing the right thing now, albeit inconsistent, may be better than doing nothing to keep a possibly outdated precedent intact.

  17. For the circuit I think it's fair and unless a huge performance at the blitz and rapid by Anish or Erigasi, Gukesh is a legitimate winner of this spot. For the highest rating, the only way to resolve it without any kind of backlach at this point is a direct match between Wesley So and Firouza.

  18. I just saw this video on a mini competition to make chessbots with small amounts of code, and I thought it would be fun to see gotham react to it or the games in some way.
    Here is the link.

    Yes they aren't the top chess engines, they are limited to a small amount of code. That being said, I think some of the bots looked impressive, and if gotham would review it, it would be a little different from the regular type of gotham content, and could be really fun.

  19. This reminds me of a quip by Will Rogers when asked what political organization he belonged to: I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat.

  20. This is why the interzonals were so important. Pure qualification.

  21. Alireza has been busy with his new fashion career this year. Why the sudden rush to make it into the Candidates? Wait until next year after you figure out your priorities.

  22. Even if India organized the tournament only to help Gukesh, He still had to win it. It was always going to be very tough looking at the strength of all the participating players. Well he won. Congratulations to Gukesh. But I'm just really sad for Anish though. He was so strong in the 2021 candidates. He deserves a spot. Getting at least a third position in World Rapid would be very tough but as strong of a player Anish is he may even do it. Good luck Anish!!!

  23. Gotham chess is basically the news for chess

  24. Wonder what happens when chess gets decolonial & anarchism starts getting strategically leveraged.

  25. Magnus comment regarding the point makes sense. Coming from the Smash Bros. Scene, probably making a tier system mixed in with some of this regulations may be an interesting solution. For example:

    S Tier Tournament (100 points for winning)
    – Announced 6 month prior
    – Average rating of 2600
    – 8 players minimum
    – X Prize for winners
    – Circuit Approval from FIDE

    A Tier Tournament (75 points for winning)

    – Announced 4 month prior

    – Average rating of 2400

    – 8 players minimum

    – X Prize for winners
    – Circuit Approval from FIDE

    B Tier Tournament (60 points for winning)

    – Announced 3 month prior

    – Average rating of 2300

    – 8 players minimum

    – X Prize for winners

    And so on. This way maybe you allow this "impromptu" tournaments to happen, but it will drive little to no effect to the ciurcuit point system? And probably make a Candidates ELO list where +/- in ELO points is only considered in S,A,B tier events?

    Not sure, im only 1200 rated, someone smarter will figure it all out lol

  26. Every time Levy went into fullscreen I could not stop staring at the duolingo bird that is just observing behind the plant

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