I WON!!!!!

I am back competing at otb chess and I’m so excited!! I’m playing Rilton Elo, which is a tournament in Stockholm for people under 2200 and my goal is to win the whole thing 😀 this is the recap of round 9 – hope you enjoy!!

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  1. It's kinda amazing that this ammount of work and preparation can only award you 200 bucks. Makes you think who can really pursue a career out of the game and the kind of structure this person has to have behind them. But anyway, really happy for you, Anna, congratulations!

  2. For me your games are much more interesting than super GM's..

  3. ¡¡Enhorabuena!! Gran torneo. Seguro que el siguiente te sale aun mejor.

  4. "I am experienced at being terrible at time management". What a great sentence.

  5. Enhorabuena Anna Olee mi andalucia llenita de talentos como usted. Vamos campeonaaaaa

  6. If I read the results correctly, you actually won ALL your games with Black!? That cannot be due to sheer coincidence. Active counter attacker, are you? – Sorry, haven't seen all the rounds. :)) Congratulations upon this notable result!

  7. So proud of you, I hope to play a game against you someday! I haven't lost since I was in my teens, I'm 55 now 🙂 no, I'm not that good, I just used to play terrible people lol

  8. Well done Anna! And thanks for the great positive and wholesome vibes in this video from you and your mother!!

  9. thierry is een sukkel en geeft geen argumenten!

  10. Congrats!!! Your happiness and love for the game is so genuine and inspiring.

  11. Best move was handling that surprise speech request like a pro, haha

  12. 200$ is a great prize😊 you can use that to pay more Norwegian trackmania players😊😊

  13. well done! So enjoyable also to see your Mom's reactions!!!

  14. One day I would love to see Pia wearing a Silver Knight Chess Pendant I gave her at a Chess Tournament in N.Y.C. many years ago. My friend had them made and I also gave on to a young girl named Judit. Yes, that Judit. Who knew? I was told by Susan she has it in a jewelry box. I would love to meet either of them some day.


  16. great series, great result and that was some proud parents 😀 cash prizes are always fun, I doubt you will make a living on that. If you work out the hourly rate based on the time spent in those games, you would get better pay at McDonalds. But it was still super cool experience 🙂

  17. Love Pia's calm manner. What a combo they make.

  18. Congrats!! Felicidades desde Perú! 🇵🇪

  19. Congrats!! Felicidades desde Perú! 🇵🇪

  20. Love Anna's bubbly personality and of course her chess ability – great to watch her games

  21. Same, I have a very difficult time waking up early😂. I watched all the matches and I have to say your prior to last game and I agree with you he was playing very fast and very accurate TBH he deserved to win the tournament. Great job Anna you played at a very high level, there is nothing to be ashamed of you defeated a though competition and did not win the entire thing just because of one strong player👌

  22. Question? as i newbie or a player who is in the low 500's should i play a long game once in awhile or keep with the 10-15 min games?

  23. This was so much fun to watch! Congrats Anna! 🎉 And good job on the impromptu speech 😄

  24. Hi Anna… There are two things that I'm improving since last year… English and chess hahaha and it's wonderful join to you in this tournament thanks! And congratulations!!

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