How Chess Evolved Over Time

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  1. Wow! Nice. Thanks for making the video about history. I feel like you read my comment. thanks g.

  2. This is one of the most brilliant chess videos ever made. The way it is constructed. The passion with which it is told. The history of the beautiful game. It's just perfect.

  3. Excellent presentation! Your enthusiasm is contagious!

  4. one of my favs in a long time, will be rewatching for sure! keep the history coming!

  5. Love this kind of content! Thanks for making and sharing it!

  6. Phenomenal video, I would love more of this type of content

  7. Okay, this is a top tier documentary. The insights at the end will keep you thinking for a time. Absolute cinema.

  8. Giuoco Piano means "Slow Game" 🙂 Gioachino Greco means "Jack Greek" 😛 They are indeed not the same thing.

  9. This is by far Levy's best video, which says a lot.

  10. Are there any real-game examples of Ruy Lopez deploying the Ruy Lopez during that era?

  11. They're NN because he didn't want to admit he was playing the Martin bot

  12. just some solid enjoyable content here i was entertained thoroughly for nearly 40 minutes

  13. Piano in Italian is not referred to the sound but it’s referred at the pace of the game. Piano means slow, pianissimo means very slow.

  14. If I like this kind of content? Please bring historical content 90% of the time and 10% GTE!!

  15. I loved this video, I think this is great content! Please, keep them coming!

  16. Thanks for another historical video Levy! 😀 there are many many interesting things you said that invite me to look up further

  17. is it just me or did he change the thumbnail?

  18. One thing I want to add that it is not the first time chess players were afraid of the draws will kill chess. Capablanca, Fischer and others suggested changes to the rules of chess to prevent this happening. However, still new stuff were invented and chess evolved. Maybe today it requires changes to the time control or something but still, if you look at the games of Tal, Alekhine etc., it is impossible to outperform the creativeness of a human being by just learning books, computer lines or anything else.

  19. Алекса́ндр Алекса́ндрович Але́хин why the hell are you pronouncing it as ë it's e

  20. I love this type of historical content! Thank you so much!

  21. When you described the Garry and Karpov chess match as a painting, I had an idea for a collaboration. You could try to contact an artist to make a painting of a chess board and somehow captured the patterns and chaos on the board. Could make for an interesting video.

  22. This piece is a revelation; similar to a book that revealed much about its subject matter. "The Art of Meaningful Relationships in the 21st Century" by Leo Flint

  23. Would be cool to see a video about Fischer vs. Tal. They played some incredible games against each other.

  24. basically, chess is becoming complicated a version of rock-paper-scissors

  25. Re the famous game 6 of spassky v. Fischer, spassky joined the audience in applauding. A gentleman and a sport.

  26. Fischer read Russian Chess newsletters. There is an anecdote that Fischer was more familiar with the Russian Chess lit. Than 1 of his Soviet opponents.

  27. Please provide more of this wonderful content. Chess has such a rich history, which should be appreciated more. The game did not start with Magnus, as some people seem to think! Keep going Levy.

  28. You presented this in a really captivating and fascinating way

  29. "Garry Kasparov became the first chess player to lose to a computer" Nah, I managed that BEFORE Kasparov!

  30. This is a fantastic video, it's interesting, informative and well researched. I think it's pretty unique too, I can't remember any other videos that cover so many great games across history like this. Actual S tier content here, it's like finding a gold bar in your morning cereal.

  31. loved this historical video, great content levy. keep up the good work 🙂 👍

  32. Great video Levy. Would love to see more analysis of each of these generational styles in more depth.

  33. I'm baffled how Levi, a native Russian speaker, struggles with Polish names like a typical American

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