ILLEGAL Move & WIN the Game! #shorts

How can you miss an illegal move in Tata Steel! 😂
Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Online chess ka yahi faida hota hai
    Hum illegal move nahi kar sakte
    + Hame sochna nahi padta king kaha kaha ja sakta hai 🙂🙂

  2. The Best Illegal Move Is Sigma Rule haha
    With Vidit

  3. Illegal move is completely you lose , extra time is suck. Remove the rule of this cause extra time mean nothing and that's not fair

  4. Humans under pressure will do whatever to win.

  5. Didn’t making an illegal move mean disqualification and forfeiture of the game?

  6. All they do is play chess and cricket you think he’d know the rules. Lame ass 🤡

  7. It's always amazes me how those genius can remember full games in their heads but forget what he did one moves ago

  8. The guy with the Juventus shirt in the back❤️❤️

  9. Flags for no reason because he thought he made move 40, castles when he's already moved his King… Sometimes Prag is funny 😂

  10. I watched someone play chat gpt and chat gpt did an illegal en passant move in the middle of the board. it was pretty awesome.

  11. Arjun be like ye gadbad hai re Baba 🤣😂

  12. The opponent is like 'somebody call the police'

  13. Qu. Do you have to place taken piece down off board before hitting timer?

  14. this is why Gukesh is the future of Indan chess, not Pragg.

  15. I think it's the useless face mask that prevented his brain from getting enough oxygen to be able to think straight that caused that slip-up.

  16. Why the capture with king was illegal?

  17. this happens, it has happened before and it will continue to happen its fine

  18. This is what we called a Indian Moment😂

  19. Pretty sure it wasn't intentional. Pretty nerve racking still. 😁

  20. Nobody will talk about the white shirt guy sleeping in the audience

  21. Where can I buy one of those beautiful chess boards?

  22. 😱y eso les pasa a los genios!!! Me siento mejor cuando hago mis tonterías 😅😅

  23. At first I thought capturing with the king itself is illegal 🤦🏻‍♂️

  24. theres so many downsides to physical over the board chess. i dont understand why they still do it. cant they just play on computers from the association itself right in front of each other for the same effect. Faster piece moving, no knocking over pieces, no possible illegal moves

  25. I’ve never understood why illegal moves aren’t instantly losing

  26. Since when that king there? I want to watch full anyone have link to watch that? Because that white king are at the white square

  27. I don't know chess rules. Why was the first one illegal?

  28. The king was on D1 when the king captured so it means pragg already moved his king before as the queen is supposed to be on d1

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