ILLEGAL Move & WIN the Game! #shorts

How can you miss an illegal move in Tata Steel! 😂
Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Actually in order to do a castling in chess you need kings and rooks and if you move one of them you cannot castling

  2. The funny thing is he blundered again vidit when he moved his king into check LMAO. He basically sac'ed the king.

  3. Next that guys gonna castle with 2 rooks

  4. How is it a illegal move?, you don't have to castle if you don't want to.

  5. Z powodu założonej maseczki tlen do mózgu jemu ograniczyło hahahah

  6. King hilane ke baad Casal nahi ho sakta.

  7. Wait! The white king did take on bishop from white square, something fishy.

  8. You could not castleng if you move your king 😊

  9. Laro Tayo koya matata Loka talaga Kasi young Kapatid ko master sa chess 14 ka.barangay wenner sya always

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