I’m a billionaire

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  1. Bro, I came up with that idea I always come up with ideas nooo

  2. My journey was starting at 600 and being offended by 600 jokes So I ranked up to 700 to be offended by those jokes. So I went to 800 to…we get the idea. I’m still a noob thooo.

  3. Im waiting to say to you congrats second time❤️
    Congratulation Man 🤴

  4. Is it just me or did he say he just crossed in million? Jokes aside congrats

  5. I felt what he felt at the end there.


  6. Gotham is really good and if u don't like him then don't watch him. That simple

  7. The begining of the video really hit deep, I am addicted to your content and chess and your content really help me through a hard time I was going through, now I am addicted to chess and your videos and I even just hit 1100 rated in my over the board rating, and have reached 2nd place in 2 of my over the board tournaments.

    Thank you for helping me through a hard time, and thanking for skyrocking my chess ability and also introducing me to the game that I want to dedicate my life to

  8. gigachad move to pin the hater comment lol
    also congrats!

  9. what a guy Levy, above all you are an incredible communicator and sensible guy, you deserve them all !!

  10. I truly believe evaluating these games is why your hairline is receding faster than it should be.

  11. shut up exostatic. Ur an idiot. What an NPC. hes better than u

  12. I am a truck driver and I have a lot of free time. A lot of time to think myself into deep dark holes and a lot of time away from family and friends. I rediscovered chess and then discovered Gotham chess. Super entertaining super informative. Thank you Levy

  13. Hi gothamchess. You know the new harry potter game? Theres a chessboard in this game inside some house and have managed to somehow find the position and its a 2 bishop checkmate. Im just wondering if its like a famous checkmate or something? If you dont mind, could you have a quick search for me? I dont know how, all databases ask for a pgn, which i dont have. If you have a discord or something, i can send you the photo- or if anyone has any idea how i can find out myself please do let me know. If you dont have the time, or dont want to waste your time on something as ridiculous as this, thats fine. Thanks for reading though!

  14. Congratulations!!
    I watch your videos daily since 2020 and it's really great seeig you succeed

    On another note, Where is guess the elo btw lol

  15. He definitely not a billionaire in the brain cells department I take that as a win

  16. I would have underpromoted to a rook at the end, because style points.

  17. Love your videos Levy, they make me so happy and gratefull. Keep going:D

  18. If I break into Levy’s house I’ll not steal anything I’ll just play chess on his account and get his rating below 200.

  19. by far the best clickbait ever. this is the first time I've been happy to get clickbaited lmao

  20. The 200 ELO players know something we don't.

  21. how do you send games to Levy i have a game i think he will love to roast me for

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