I’m a billionaire

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  1. I have started visiting and always have to wonder why you speak so fast. I frequently stop, rewind and have TO PLAY AGAIN in order to understand your blazingly fast speech!

    Why so fast!!

  2. The ending made me tear up, thank you for analyzing this masterpiece and to the players involved in this game. Broken Levy's stare was hilarious lol

  3. Somebody call an ambulance … and yes it’s for me because I’m having a heart attack after that game.

  4. "it would be really funny if he ended the video right here"
    and then it actually happened lmao

  5. @Exosatic. You shouldn't hate on people for their content. Gotham puts in a lot of work to make these videos and its not cool to say he's not going to be a GM an he sucks. He works hard and deserves this milestone. Maybe you should rethink you choice of words and instead of hatting on people, you should go outside and get some air to clear your head.

  6. levi got that billionaire stare sheeshh

  7. 1 million viewers yes very good well done Levy!

  8. 3:00 – I think that black here is anticipating white to copy their move, hence Nh5. If white copies that with Nh4 it's a free knight.

  9. the exact words out of my mouth when the last move was played was "That's awesome"

  10. You should probably turn the gain down on your mic

  11. dude remind us to sub more often i just realized i wasnt subbed. love you content though

  12. Sweet… I enjoy 200 ELO games. And btw it is really a great idea to use AI for Stockfish to predict who the hell has the advantage for real, depending on their level.

  13. Hey gotham! can i send you a game? my rating is in the 500 – 600. reply in this comment then i will send it also in this comment. if that works for you

  14. Engines factoring in player strength is not helpful to anybody because the lower rated players now cannot even learn something from the eval and actually think they made a good move if the adjusted engine approves while in fact they might get punished hard next time they do the same.

  15. Gotham I'm gonna try and comment on all of the vids you upload from this day because I have question how do I get better at chess please can you tell me

  16. They were so good even the computer hadn't a clue what was happening. I mean that's just incredible.

  17. Congrats Gotham. Single handedly got me into chess

  18. Congrats!!! Im so happy for u <3

  19. The blank stares that begin and end this video are everything.

  20. ,,ME SEE ROOK, ME ATTACK ROOK so here's the thing"

  21. the ending bruh, wasn't expecting that, even from 200 elo players

  22. You are just like Bieber. Ppl watch but that doesn't mean its quality content

  23. CONGRATULATIONS, well deserved milestone

  24. Im watching gothan so much these days that I have accepted levy as my father at this point.

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