I’m done with chess

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  1. I imagine you were jumping up and down for this one

  2. “You can’t like punch the other team in the face when you’re down a lot of points.”

    I wonder if there is a sport he talks a lot about where you can punch the opponent in the face when you’re down points

  3. one of the best games levy ever played hahahahaha

  4. 26:31 In chess, a zugzwang is a situation where every move you make worsen your position.

  5. Wow, that was sure an amazing comeback and a good reason to never give up in chess even when you’re a piece or two down!!

  6. If you actually slow down all the stuff he blurts out and the quick fire lines that he shows then you'll see that most of them are just bollox. He blasts through about 5 different lines in 10 seconds and you think that he's doing some good strat…
    He's not. Watch some of it in slow and you will see that most of the winning lines he shows only work if the opponent is a 4 year old. You could sit a person down and explain how to play chess and even they wouldn't do the opposition moves that you show in your best lines of attack and how I will do this and that if they do this that…

  7. Gotham is gotham and thats the difference between 2662 player and 2451 player.

  8. very entertaining . but a madman evil genius laughter at the end .

  9. The honest of you to admit it instead of accusing others being cheating

  10. Pls stop with tournament games, we need more gte and lose at chess

  11. Me see queen, me take queen… It was best to take the pawn in b2 instead of taking the queen

  12. I might be going there to play for the middle school Gulliver team

  13. You are hilarious! You're growing on me. 🙂 That was really exciting. Resigning is annoying, glad you didn't. You had your calculating abilities, your superior intestinal fortitude against the clock, on your side! The thumbnail and video title and way you open the video are hilarious!!!!!!

  14. Quidditch: If you catch the golden snitch your team gets 150 points and the game ends. If you hit these weird rings high up in the sky (wich are usually protected) with balls called quaffles you get 10 points for each hit. If you get hit by a bludger you get hit by a bludger. You are welcome

  15. Yes!
    KISS, it's the main philosophy principle of Arch Linux (the best Gnu/Linux distribution!!).
    "Keep It Simple Stupid" is like a mantra which is saying : if you do things complicated, it's normal to get problems : always choice the simpliest way.

  16. The seeker bringing the snitch back into the pitch ends the game and grants their team 150 points, but still loses if the team was down more than that, which would mean a -15 goal difference

  17. Genuinely wondering if V97 is a light or dark square

  18. I believe my karma will heat up my water for bathing

  19. Who would believe if that was a story?

  20. loooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllll

  21. 13:45 the game ends when the snitch is caught but the team with the highest points still wins

  22. The rules of Quidditch are different at Hogwarts then they are in the pro game. In games like the Quidditch world cup the rule is that the game goes on until the Golden Snitch is caught (no time limit, games can last days or weeks), and it is worth 150 points. Which if your opponent was up by enough points they could still win. (so if it was 10-300 you would still lose even if you caught the snitch). This doesn't happen at Hogwarts because (if i remember correctly) they play with a time limit to make sure games don't last days. And at the primary school level it is extremally uncommon for a team to be good enough to get the lead necessary to allow them to win even if the other team catches the Snitch(Although I do believe this happened at least once in the books in the Goble of Fire when we see the Quidditch World Cup, and maybe once to one of the houses at Hogwarts)

  23. Never thought i'd see the day when Harry potter himself would be questioning on how many points the snitch is worth. Becoming a chess wizard really does weird things to people.

  24. The narration was phenomenal. I enjoyed this game and the account and analysis so much. You are an entertainer.

  25. 11:20 wait isn't it better to take the pawn and leave the Bishop hanging?

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