Ding Liren is Back v Vidit! Anish v Ju Wenjun & Gukesh v Nodirbek & More | Tata Steel 2024 Rd 1

World Chess Champion Ding Liren returns for the Tata Steel Masters in Wijk aan Zee, the first super tournament of 2024! Women’s World Champion Ju Wenjun also plays, alongside the likes of Giri, Nepomniachtchi, Firouzja and Praggnanandhaa. Watch live—Masters:

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  1. The seating for the fans is terrible! Should be more like a movie seating …that way everyone can watch the play without having someone standing in their line of sight!

  2. The way to beat this 2600 grandmasters is to be a very good endgame player, if you can swallow dvoretsky manual youll be unstoppable

  3. geez, are we to be treated to yet another major tournament badly marred by technical screwups and incompetence?… Does no one test this stuff out thoroughly beforehand? no… just throw together some crappy software and assume nothing will go wrong….

  4. Couldn't Jordan have played Ra4 instead of resigning? This would prevent the Black e pawn from queening – and might even have saved the game.

  5. It's always worth respecting Ju Wenjun that she decided to play in the open section against such strong opponents.

  6. Everytime I don’t see Peter Leko or Peter Svidler or Jan Gus. I’m sad. I just really miss the chess24 commentators I guess

  7. Everyone should be trying to get wins against Wen Jun, Max, JVF and Donchenko as there is a massive elo gap between them and the rest

  8. I think Giri did play an innovated game and took risks also.

  9. Awesome resilience by Ju. Great game.

  10. Can't watch this. Commentators are shuffling pieces around all the time. I am here to watch the game. Analysis I can do on my own. Please stop interrupting the game itself!

  11. Why isn't Magnus Carlsen here, playing 'Wimbledon of Chess' ??

  12. Overlooked??? 15 year old rated over 2,700….no way…he probably wanted to finish his schooling first before chess becomes his career!

  13. Giri, new meaning to the term pawngrabber!

  14. Why are they only focusing on the masters section and completely ignoring challengers like its not even there

  15. Ju Wenjun could have washed her hair for the occasion!

  16. Grandmaster has many good variations of their pieces, likewise to their aspects of life..because chess is not only rivalry but also friendship 😊❤

  17. Great instincts?? Mangus is way much better than Nepo!

  18. Nepo stops the clock. He is an eternal second ✌️

  19. chess players look cute these days not like how fisher looked scaring

  20. Please, please, PLEASE….lose the absolutely atrocious 'music'. It is nothing but noise pollution and almost enough to make me click away every time I hear it.

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