INSANE 9999 Elo Bot

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  1. Granted, i didnt search for long, however, where the "ITS OVER 9000!!!!" connents?

  2. today is a horrible day, i can’t live without my daily stare from IM Levy Rozman

  3. the pawn mate was so unnecessarily savage

  4. Bro i just watched this video twice thinking it's new video but it was just different title & thumbnail

  5. The fact that he checkmate him whut the pawn maked me laugh so hard

  6. Hey numbnuts u never respond to my request for chess lessons

  7. can i have a pin i requested this video

  8. Love this man. He makes me laugh 🤣🤣🤣

  9. I love to see Levy’s confidence being crushed. Sorry.

  10. Levy : Who the hell made this bot . The cosmic dust and starlight: w h a t

  11. we must once again call up the big brother to beat super plumber up

  12. Thank you for the consistent content! I watch you every single day – you're my favorite youtuber.

  13. This was great, made me want to watch Levi's streams rather than only his youtube

  14. Hey levy i just pre ordered your chess book because i wanted to boost my chess Elo and i hope that helps also thank you for making me a better chess player

  15. Stockfish and/or mittens vs. Star Plumber, who would win

  16. I beat all the Mario bots, then the fire Mario bot came and I beat that, but I think I'm fucked now

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