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Just a kween being a kween. 👸🏻

Watch as Beth plays chess against twelve men, simultaneously, and find out what happens. If you can’t get enough like us, watch her kill it in The Queen’s Gambit, streaming now only on Netflix.

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  1. The casting throughout the whole movie for this film blew me away. They did such a great job and the little girls acting was impeccable.

  2. Nothing about this show was a let-down. I felt so much of it. I waited years to watch it, just because i dont jump on "new" or "hype." Well, im glad i watched it, it brought tears to my eyes several times.

  3. another bullshit series for a bullshit young ppl who had 0 idea about chess, stop embarracing that great game please thx

  4. I was once a member of the chess club in high school. I played many other players and I think I hold a sort of record! I believe I was the most beatable member of the club! Anybody could beat me! After I married, my wife cared NOTHING about chess though she did somehow know the moves. She beat me too!! That's Ok though! I am still better at chess than I am at bowling!

  5. Best series ever!!! I wonder why i watched it so late. Glad that i finally did ❤

  6. My only disappointment was that she never paid the custodian back. It seemed out of character , especially with how she expounded on him later in the movie.

  7. being a chess player this reminds me of my first chess tournament

  8. 💕💕. 🪷. 👄1️⃣2️⃣. ➕. 1️⃣. 🟰. 1️⃣3️⃣💘

  9. To me, this series ended up being such a big disappointment if only because it wasn't based on a real story. It's really super easy to just write in a paper "and she was the best chess player every"

  10. Honestly? Your average adult player could do this so her beating a lifelong player like Shiabel and the chess teacher is a LOT more impressive than this low level simul.Still…it is good to see the character strutting her stuff and smacking people down.

  11. LOL – this is amazing. All of these pretenders and suggesters. If YOU can't play the game of LIFE, the the game of chess is irrelevant. So she's a genius at the game of chess…. And? If it doesn't extrapolate to what's is happening in the world, what good is it worth?

  12. @AlwynUys yesterday I watched this video. God uses this film to speak to me. "Life is a chess game and each oponent/situation is your mirror" =) And you just uploaded a video today talking about chess and sayin "checkmate" =) And look the name of the series =)

  13. I love her so much. I forget if it says in the show whether or not she has Aspergers or something similar, but I related a ton to her mind, and I feel like she gives some awesome representation to the weird deep thinkers out there. You don't often see women portrayed with this kind of thing, so this show is super refreshing and exhilarating on the mind. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it, Beth is awesome.

  14. Notice how Mr. Ganz said that Charles Levy was, "Our best player," not, "the best player." He knew Beth would kick all their asses.

  15. Long ago, I was one of 16 boards against Sofia Polgar when she was in her teens. She crushed us all. I was 4th last to be crushed. …A beautiful experience that I'll never forget.

  16. its fine but just so unrealistic i mean come on

  17. The sad part was that Beth never knew just how happy and proud Mr. Shaibel was of her, until after he died, and she found all of the newspaper clippings of her accomplishments. Gotta admit, I teared up a little on that. He was the father she never knew she had.

  18. Thing that struck me so odd, you do not even have to be a fan of Chess to enjoy this show. Sooo damn good.

  19. …this ending is so good.. just like " the Cincinnati Kid… " "I got the man..I got him.."..!!!..

  20. I hate to admit it, but I've a jealous streak. I try to control it, but….🤯 Thank goodness these two make me laugh about it. 😊

  21. Isla Johnston. It will be interesting to see what she does next.

  22. “A few of them, tried stupid mating attacks.. but I took care of them” 😂

  23. NICE representation of Vera Menchik when she did it in 1926

  24. Only thing that drives me nuts is that hair is so obviously a wig lol

  25. Me no care. Me only do this because bored. Me no care if Chunchunmaru and muscle boy become couple. Me no like him that much to wear torn pieces of clothing to look pitiful. Me still have clothing that has no holes. Me no want wear face paint. Me like the face I was born with. Me no think parents are ugly so me no think me ugly. Me have so many pencil so me still happy

  26. Queens Gambit is one of Netflix's best series, it was just a marvel. Everyone was able to fall in love with Beth harman, and also root for her as world champion.

  27. When i was 15, i played over 200 games against a grandmaster, only won once. The practice mixed with his teachings made me pretty much unstoppable, as noone has beaten me since, and im 36 now. This was a good scene, i like it.

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