Beth vs 12 Players | Simul Chess Scene | The Queen’s Gambit | Netflix India

Just a kween being a kween. 👸🏻

Watch as Beth plays chess against twelve men, simultaneously, and find out what happens. If you can’t get enough like us, watch her kill it in The Queen’s Gambit, streaming now only on Netflix.

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  1. The casting throughout the whole movie for this film blew me away. They did such a great job and the little girls acting was impeccable.

  2. Nothing about this show was a let-down. I felt so much of it. I waited years to watch it, just because i dont jump on "new" or "hype." Well, im glad i watched it, it brought tears to my eyes several times.

  3. another bullshit series for a bullshit young ppl who had 0 idea about chess, stop embarracing that great game please thx

  4. I was once a member of the chess club in high school. I played many other players and I think I hold a sort of record! I believe I was the most beatable member of the club! Anybody could beat me! After I married, my wife cared NOTHING about chess though she did somehow know the moves. She beat me too!! That's Ok though! I am still better at chess than I am at bowling!

  5. Best series ever!!! I wonder why i watched it so late. Glad that i finally did ❤

  6. My only disappointment was that she never paid the custodian back. It seemed out of character , especially with how she expounded on him later in the movie.

  7. being a chess player this reminds me of my first chess tournament

  8. 💕💕. 🪷. 👄1️⃣2️⃣. ➕. 1️⃣. 🟰. 1️⃣3️⃣💘

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