Insane aggressive chess by Arjun Erigaisi | Sharjah Masters 2023

Round eight of the Sharjah Masters 2023 witnessed one of the strongest performances from the Indian super-talent Arjun Erigaisi as he took on Vladislav Kovalev. Watch the final moments of the game as Arjun once again shows why he is one of the strongest players out there.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Actually it was Kovalev that was hyper aggressive, Arjun just played normal defensive moves and collected the win.

  2. El título es engañoso, Arjun casi nunca juega agresivo más bien es un excelente defensor y contragolpeador, pero agresivo no arriesga ni una aguja

  3. Opponent sacrificed everything for the attacking chances. He even sacrificed his king!

  4. 2:36 opponent's face when he realized he shd have captured the bishop when he had the chance

  5. Ковалев какую то чушь наиграл!!! Это не игра гроссмейстера!!

  6. It's not aggressive, his opponent was playing bad moves

  7. title does not describe the game appropriately. it is not "insane aggressive" but strong defense

  8. Why his opponent gives free bishop,anyone have idea¿

  9. Kovalev was the one who was playing aggressively . Arjun was defending the whole way .

  10. not aggressive but opponent played like an amateur.

  11. Arjun has been very aggressive off-late, he is clearly a 2700+ player I highly doubt this style is sustainable at his level.

  12. After black castles the engine bar says it's won for black. I wonder how many top players would evaluate this won at that point ?

  13. Bro this type of video is awesomePlss dont try your Commentry… It's so irritating

  14. dropped us right in the thick of it this time. Vladislav must have thought he had bested Arjun. Qe5 was filthy.

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