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  1. Nf6, d6, Qe7 are all good too. Losing the e-pawn isn't a big deal because Black is going to get compensation based upon time as well as the misplaced White Queen.

  2. Literally had a game like this 5 minutes ago exact same opening I got shit on

  3. bro jus play knight h6 they dont notice the knight potecting checkmate

  4. Can’t you do pon to d 6 then in doing that make an attack on the queen making it move back? After g 6

  5. I usually play knight to g6 and continue developing

  6. after bc4 do nh6 cuz that develops a better piece, but doesnt attack the queen

  7. You just showed how to block scholars mate

  8. Hey what about night to h6, it protects the g pawn right?

  9. i do knight h6 so that if the dude is bad i just won a free queen

  10. levy, you gotta talk about the f5 variation, its venomous asf

  11. I don’t even know anything about chess but I like his videos

  12. Bro what if this is 1 elo chess😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. Jesus Christ I needed this. Used to do everything except the first knight move

  14. Can't count how many times white blundered their queen after I learned to counter this. People who only learn cheap tricks almost never seem to learn the counter.

  15. as a 350 elo, i am white in this situation and i would play g4 g5 and i either win or take a knight

  16. The best counterattack against wayward queen 😂

  17. “How to not let the queen take all your piece at 150 elo”

  18. Oh… thank you for teaching this to me, I lost about 4 bullet games because the enemy used the queen and bishop combinations

  19. I am your fan and subscriber I use d4 and I use the openings scisllion kings gambet kings Indian. And I want to be a GM my rating is only 1632 know but I am improving to 0 to 1600

  20. F6 knight attacks the queen and although it’s risky 9/10 you end up with a 7 point advantage

  21. So easy I knew this like when I first started chess

  22. Background music is from an anime The Blue Orchestra!!!!!!

  23. I’m in the 1100-1200 range and still get this every other game. So annoying.

  24. In the position I keep losing knight roof and pawns

  25. Nelson laughing in the corner, After beating me for the 100th time

  26. what's wrong with d6, if anything? i'm sure there's a problem but i couldn't tell you what

  27. Or before the queen gets out just move pawn to G6…

  28. I hate those early queen moves and they lose their queen😂😂

  29. Was that a fire alarm in the background at the end there?

  30. Knight g6 would be a better move to stop the checkmate

  31. People do this basically every single game until like 850

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