Insane chess story

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  1. It was Ludwig himself. Video title "I Hired a Chess Master to Secretly Destroy My Friends"

  2. This is why we need to preserve lebrons legacy 💪

  3. Bro my school banned all the chess website😢

  4. Bro there is no money in chess why would he say no what’s the downside ik he makes money from YouTube but some easy money is easy money

  5. ''that's so based dud'' … what's that even supposed to mean?

  6. The way levy talked that guy is so obviously Armenian Lmao

  7. Other guy just saying based cause he heard someone else before sound cool saying it

  8. Dude heard a Russian accent and INSTANTLY started playing gta4 theme lmaoo

  9. Where can i watch these podcasts? I found no link

  10. It's got to be Frank, that is his real voice 😂

  11. And that's why Leon Edwards has the best physique in the multiverse

  12. I know who Levy is impersonating with the accurate accent and gta music and he is very obese

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