The Worst Chess Game Mathematically Possible

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  1. Please make this stockfish play against Martin.

  2. Imagine if this was a real match, IMAGINE LEVY DIEING OF BAD CHESS MOVES

  3. This is just a normal day in the 100 elo bullet gang

  4. Some of the captures didn't make sense to me, since the AI could blunder the same opportunities to the opponent without capturing material. Is it because Stockfish is still evaluating captures first/deeper?

  5. Bravo. This is kind of like Randall Munroe’s “How to.”

  6. Stockfish showing us that it is also better than us at losing

  7. To err is human, to really foul things up requires a computer.

  8. That was super entertaining, especially the three-knight arrays!

  9. I love how Levi skill-fully ignores how much of an existential crisis the eval is having.

  10. is the thumbnail an arctic monkeys reference?

  11. What is the definition of the worst game in the first place? Isn't it the configuration where either black or white to lose the fastest / the least moves?

    The game in this video is more like what an AI would do in a training, it knows the rules, but trying moves like that to train itself. Not sure if it's the worst tho

  12. Im just watchng the engine having a seizure

  13. God I can't fucking wait until you're exposed as a pedophile.

  14. most disgusting thumbnail to date. fuck you you clickbaity piece of shit.

  15. levy, the worst possible move was in a game you analyzed in a video, the player goes from mate in 1 to FORCED mate in 1 for the opponent😭

  16. Can we take a moment to appreciate how many sit ups the bar did

  17. My games are much worse than this to be honest lmao

  18. What if martin vs this stockfish?

  19. Are these provably worst moves or just worst according to Stockfish's limited search depth?

  20. I feel like you repeat yourself too much, your audience isn't dumb levi, chill with the repetition of sentences

  21. Me every single game i think I did good

  22. oh what why are they making bad moves can you tell us one more time

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