Insane: Magnus and Hikaru BOTH LOSE

Norway Chess:

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0:00 Intro
20:30 Dont Skip Here For Magnus

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  1. @gothamchess in the game with alireza and gukesh could you not stop mate by going bishop e5 or knight f6?

  2. What are the next moves to mate? Couldn't find it…

  3. Levi I love your content, your courses and all your videos and breakdowns. But you’re so quick to judge Magnus as if he’s immortal. Such high scrutiny for him is just unfair and harsh.

  4. I finally found the best chess learning and analysis game "Chessis". Which shows the mistakes and what happens as a follow up on that move. This is just invaluable for those who are trying to progress. Just Brilliant. Finally I can break past 1300 and learn what I am doing wrong (most importantly why those are mistakes)

  5. so its always beneficial to pick black. The rules are silly stupid.

  6. I want to analyze the classical games, where can I find the png's?. I did it manually before it's time consuming ahahah

  7. Who else knowz they will bounce back 💪🔥🔥

  8. Magnus could've continued endgame it wasn't completely losing

  9. is it just me or are the sounds scuffled?

  10. "If you mess with me , i will punch you in the face"- Shakhriyar Mamedyarov

  11. 20:51
    I like this idiot
    hes smart (kinda) funny (maybe) and brings me back to chess every now and then

  12. Lol i was considering bishop h6 at 11:00 just couldnt find if it worked or nah

  13. Not a Single move of Gukesh is appreciated by Levi😮

  14. Glad for Fabi, even more glad for Wesley, Magnus is always struggling with Norway Chess in the beginning…

  15. 6 MAGNUS GAMES!!!! ARE WE IN HEAVEN?????!!!!!!!!

  16. starting to think this magnus guy is pretty good

  17. I hâte that players resign so early like magnus did. Wish theyd play till the end, both for the common viewers entertainment and to not count themselves out so quick

  18. Deleted Hikaru from title. More views this way?

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