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0:00 Intro
2:00 Game 1
10:30 Game 2

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  1. Idk how the bot works but maybe u should not touch the piece you are moving next cuz I think a powerful bot also sees your pov he is bot he will counter your attack by seeing every famous move by your piece

  2. His reaction was insane 🤣 when bot mate him suddenly

  3. Mittens is the student of Martin .Martin show mercy he do not

  4. how does my friends at school defeat it like every time now

  5. Okay, "Catspurrov" got a chuckle out of me, not gonna lie.

  6. When I entered to this video, I expected a bot specifically designed to lose as fast as possible, and the whole gimmick is to avoid to checkmate Mittens while he tries it's hardest to get checkmated.

  7. Good video😃, i liked👍the part🏬 with the big elephat🐘with the mellons🍉

  8. this bot allowed me to get a second queen. I never got the chance to use it…. I was checkmated after that and lost the game

  9. Mittens is a bit like a camouflaged snake,it lures you in then traps and then shoots out it’s nasty venom

  10. I can tell you rn my mittens at home is more op

  11. idk but the way he says the name of those cats caught me

  12. i'm imagining Levy looking over a wooden fence yelling at the neighbor's cat

  13. It’s sad how mittens is gone now 😢. He is probably going to take over other universes.

  14. Did you just lose or did mittens win? Hehehehehe 🐱 meow

  15. Silly Gotham, that’s not his ELO that’s his RANKING.

  16. Fun fact: That's not lvl 1, it's her RANK-1 🤌🏼🙂

  17. "ill do anything i want with the cat ill throw it around the room- please dont actually do that" 😂

  18. hmmm, couldn't he have pinned the king and horsie at 4:33 with queen a5, pawn b4, bishop b4? seems like the better play here but idk

  19. Bruh the elo is 1 , a litteraly worster than a martin 250 times but look at this , this is not even a cat , it was a 250 time better than his own developer of the chess

  20. bro i just realized how everyone struggled against mittens.. i literally beat him first try and I'm 12 with a 1200 elo (vs bots)

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