INSANE New Chess Bot

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0:00 Intro
2:00 Game 1
10:30 Game 2

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  1. Mittens is the new last boss battle of chess.

  2. POV: You're trolling an bullying an IM

  3. There’s a new chess board called M3GAN

  4. Even using the easy mode ..the game wasn't giving the right moves against it hh

  5. Bro I got a ad for some chess trainer at 4:20 very convenient
    I think it's mittens saying we need to be better

  6. I like how Levy went from calm, collected chess scholar to terrified cholo by the end of the video lmao

  7. I'm pretty sure they forgot a few zeros from Mittens elo

  8. Toys with you and dangles d3ath while you beg for it to be over… like a cat 😀

  9. mittens really just bullied gotham the first game.

  10. This video definitely created some laughs. 🙂

  11. is losing against grumpy cat a skill issue

  12. Mittens has some cringe dialogue, talking like it's some anime fanboys original character. . .

    . . . . well, ok, it makes sense I guess?

  13. They should’ve commited harder with mittens, with it commenting when you draw orange arrows and stuff like that.

  14. Gotham: To beat the Bot you have to think like the bot
    Bot: does one move
    Gotham: I have no idea what he is doing

  15. This takes the "you play like a bot" offense to another level.

    I had fun creating a Rook army to destroy mittens pieces one by one and make him action less like what he makes everyone feel.

  16. At 17mins, my guy wan kraze. much love from Naija bruh

  17. the bot missed M2 at 9:00 knight to e7 check then queen to h5 check mate, or am i crazy

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