Andrew Tate smokes Piers Morgan || Digital CHESS BOARD added on-screen

Piers Morgan invited Andrew Tate on his show once again, after the normal interview and discussion, Piers Morgan decided that they play a game of chess to end the show and this is how it went.


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  1. Play a game of chess with pretending you have brilliant lessons to teach😅😢😅😢😂😂😂

  2. The analogy that Andrew Tate used between the queen and the king in chess and between women and men in real life was very good

  3. Winning a internet clown makes him be good at chess ? Lol

  4. Watching this back again, Piers is terrible at Chess 😂

  5. 1:15 haha piers easily manipulated, as Andrew asked a controversial question piers blundered due to his absence of being perspicacious.

  6. Piers is bad at this. Andrew aint bad but piers got so many blunders

  7. too perfect… i guess piers is againsr feminism too….

  8. Playing the long game 😂😂😂😂 by sacking his queen in the beginning. Killed me 🤣

  9. Andrew played like a 1200. Piers played like a 600. I have no idea what their actual ratings are.

  10. Tate had check mate in 3 and missed the win in the early middle game

  11. I don’t know if this was put on or not but I would tear them both up

  12. Black is real fool, when he needs to protect his queen he doesn't… Easily it showing everything but he didn't

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