Andrew Tate smokes Piers Morgan || Digital CHESS BOARD added on-screen

Piers Morgan invited Andrew Tate on his show once again, after the normal interview and discussion, Piers Morgan decided that they play a game of chess to end the show and this is how it went.


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  1. Sometimes, i accidentally steal somebodys chick. Just like "oops"

  2. Its a wasted life because it wastes hell lot of time, and u do nothing else expect being a nerd.

  3. At1:15, Tate would've had a much easier win if he kept the bishop in its place, since it wasn't threatened and played KnF3 instead. Black can only encounter with QuE4 or QuH6. At 0:50, black's best move in my opinion is KnF6. 1:11 , black should retreat the queen.

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