Is Hikaru Cheating?? Kramnik “YES!!!”

On November 24 Kramnik tripled down on his accusations.


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  1. It's sad he cannot stomach people being better than him and thinking he is smarter than he truly is…

  2. Kramnik : accuses Hikaru of cheating.
    Hikaru: " !! CONTENT !! 📈📈

  3. Kramnik took the 'stockfish at the ceiling' way too serious that it's already in on his head

  4. Paranoia is common in adderall abuse 🫢

  5. Kramnik, if you see this, you suck 😂

  6. I don't know if he really knows his math, here. You can't really apply normal probability calculations here. It's not like you flip a coin here 46 times. Streaks are very normal in games, however if Hikaru would shown the best hand in poker 45 times in a row I would be somewhat suspicious. But this is more similar to Mayweather winning 50 matches in a row, simply because he was so much better than his opposition.

  7. As a math person I would like to suggest having a Math face off between Hikaru and Kramnik. Winner takes all 🤣

  8. kramnik should admit he is wrong and apologize otherwise he's just the next fischer post champion

  9. I'm PhD in CS (doing math for the most part), and I can tell you that only a basic knowledge of statistics is required to see flaws in Kramnik's reasoning. Maybe you are a cheater, but his argument does not prove it at all.

  10. FIDE should sanction him for being an israel

  11. I love how Hikaru is milking this for views/money 😂

    Whilest clearly not being a cheater.. .

  12. Wasn't that what hikaru Magnus and the rest did to Hans?I mean get serious

  13. Very disappointing to hear Kramnik's baseless accusations.

  14. Can we talk about how stupid it is for someone to say "the stats my opponents put are laughable" without debunking them? The example Hikaru gave previous video (about a series of many coin tosses being heads being LIKELY over a sufficient amount of tries) is literally what I thought (I am a computer engineer with some stat bg btw)

  15. say what you will about big Vlad but he's a much better chess player than you will ever be.

  16. I'm a physicist and I remember grading the first lab course for first years. All the experiments are designed to teach the students some basic statistics. Coming out of highschool, students have to learn a new way of thinking (why would you teach kids statistics, right?) and it often leads to some hilarious things. In my office we had this wall of shame for the dumbest shit they came up with, mostly because doing the grunt work for professors is mind-numbing and you have to entertain yourself somehow. Kramnik would be on that wall, no doubt.

    I expected a chess player of his caliber to be a little bit smarter. Because even though statistics can be counterintuitive, especially when talking about large numbers (our brain isn't wired to deal with that. Politicians use that fact a lot), the experts explaining the situation in Hikaru's favor (and in simple, highschool level terms) should have made sense for someone like him. At this point, he's either mentally ill or stirring the pot for attention.

  17. If I had a dollar for every time he said 'at the end of the day,' I could retire by, well, the end of the day 😀

  18. Kramnik has so far delivered zero evidence and zero names of his so called professional mathematicians.

  19. Cringemnik is the "uneducated uncle on Facebook" of chess now.

  20. I have a Masters of Statistics from Texas A&M. Just like a mate-in-three is obvious to you, this case is obvious to me. It would be more unlikely that there wouldn't be these outlying streaks in thousands of games against weaker opponents. The math has been shown by many very competent people already, but just wanted to reiterate how clear it is from the perspective of someone who knows how probability works.

    I've lost so much respect for Kramnik as I hear him dismiss logic just so he can pretend to be a Savior figure for the sport. He would be embarrassed if his ego would allow it.

  21. chess made bobby fisher go insane , and kramnik is making other chess players go insane😔😔

  22. This is what happens when you lose the warmth of the spotlight – what a desperate approach to escape anonymity …

  23. You don't get to falsely accuse someone of cheating without providing evidence… unless you are Magnus Carlsen, of course.

  24. Why is Kramnik deleting counter arguments, all Communist-like? 🤣

  25. Good on you for defending Jospem especially… Jose clearly looks up to you and its nice to see

  26. what are you trying to say here is that only who can check and speak about cheating is chesscom itself because for your stand point only chesscom has right and expert to do so. dude thats the problem. how on earth one corporation would act against itself. there must be third neutral entity which monitors such servers and specifically the games and players. I am not saying that this entity should be Kramnik lol do not put this into context.

  27. I think someone should remind Kramnik that he once had an 87 undefeated streak that went on for two years and that was against proper GMs and OTB. Or, that Carlsen had a 125 undefeated streak OTB. Both records are far less likely, statistically, in comparison to Hikaru beating random IMs in blitz, online.
    In fact, regardless of the amount of games played I'm pretty sure Kramnik's 2 year streak of not losing a game is still the longest period in human history.

  28. Why don’t you sue him for defamation of character?

  29. The problem is that statisticians work on this and pure statistics tell only half of the truth. The complex mathematics behind it, probability theory, is not taught so in detail to statisticians, but to mathemstics it is and there is a huge difference (as i am a mathematician myself)

  30. 1) Kramnik did nice job. He did good job and some cheaters from the GM's will be discovered.
    2) Kramnik lost trust when pushed on Hikaru with absolutely idiotic argument on that 45 casual games against 2500. He just lost it there. It is not what he was studied. Hell, don't no why he brought this shit up.
    3) I am pretty sure, some famous GM's , even streamers, will be caught, few of them cheat.
    4) not hikaru
    3) I am pretty sure some famous

  31. If Hikaru is cheating, then why leave Magnus.

  32. Hmm…maybe Kramnik thinks your opponents were very cooperative for achieving such streak?

  33. Ah. The ole 'If you don't agree with me, it's only because you're not smart enough' argument.

  34. Do we know with 100% certainty, that the people who were claiming to be "expert statisticians" and "mathematicians", were in fact expert statisticians and mathematicians? Or are we just going by what random anon's in the comments say? The internet is full of armchair professionals. Make a post about anything on Reddit, and you are surrounded by military, engineers, neuroscientists, lawyers, doctors, and every other highly educated profession. If you go by what the internet says, there's literally nobody doing blue collar work in this country. Everybody's a doctor, lawyer, engineer and scientist online. In case you're wondering what the hell I'm talking about, I'm talking about people using fake credentials to win arguments online. Half of them are probably unemployed.

  35. What's funny is, you don't need a PhD in maths to understand this. Kramnik is clearly upset and bitter with his ad hominem responses.

  36. soviets cant help being paranoid, its in their bones. why is no one in kramniks camp telling him to stfu?

  37. Hikaru is exactly the guy we needed Kramnik to target, the content is pure gold because Hikaru is a legend

  38. 50 games and no gm opponents, jus one im, all rated 300 or 400 hundred points lower than Hikaru otb and this cannot stand as a rating manipulation example, I doubt it

  39. Hikaru

    I do not think you understand what he is saying, I will simplify.

    First. He is taking you as an honest OTB player, now using this stat, he can prove statistically that you are cheating online.

    Now the points below are relevant.

    Your ELO will be affected by the following
    1. Your mouse skills
    2. your location
    3. your music choice
    4. your distractions in the room.

    You will note 0 of these are negatives(for you) and 4 are positives/enhancements, so for the most part these could cancel out. You are cheating with each one of those things, now cheating is a strong word, but anything that affects your ELO rating, is considered cheating.
    For other people their mouse skills are bad and so it would be a negative ELO.

    So, you are playing above your expected OTB 2 Online statistics by a deviation that cannot be explained.

    I have mentioned that headphones plus your favourite music should add 100 ELO, and needs to be experimentally confirmed. It maybe I am way off and it adds 150ELO.

    What I am trying to do is to isolate where this ELO gain is coming from.

    I consider you a decent person, but we do need to experimentally find out how much your music adds to your ELO. That way we can normalise scores properly.

    chess/com should not use your datapoints for online play until they have evaluated headphones/music elo boost. Or maybe they should, with all reasonable positives you would set a very high bar, that any further would engine assistance. So your deviation would be the maximum allowable, I like it.


  40. "It's not about me." The only reason most of us care is because it's about Hikaru.

  41. Only cheating accusation by a former world champion proved legit is from Vishy Anand when he played against Zerodha billionaire

  42. Kramnik went full Fischer. I feel sorry for him. He completely lost his mind.

  43. dude you played all the games with the headphones hahah with what engine we should check the games? lol

  44. Kramnick's argument against these real mathematicians appears to amount to "Nuh uh!"

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