It Only Took 22 Moves…

This is recap of round 5 of the European Team Chess Championship 🙂 enjoy!!

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  1. Anna’s “Screwing the Screw” is a mixture of Shakespeare’s “Taming the Shrew” and Everybody’s “Twisting the Screw”. I like Anna’s use of words, I will definitely use it and use it allot in the future.

  2. why did she bongcloud??? that felt like an absolute throw…

  3. Glad to see Anna back winning. I had a violin and an onion the last game – where she got creamed – but she bounced back…

  4. Is it just me that fell in love in this beautiful YouTuber?

  5. The exitement just could not wait. We all can feel it at the very begining of the video. Thank you Anna. Congrats.

  6. The exitement just could not wait. We all can feel it at the very begining of the video. Thank you Anna. Congrats.

  7. I think the expression you're going for is, "keep TURNING or TIGHTENING the screw". 🤣

  8. this was fun to watch great free entertainment i can delete my dvr tv is overrated tcm metv shotime hbo old 60 's ciomedys bewitched brady bunch i dream of genie noot as good as this was im happier now great day hope the rest are as fun no pressure anna is great fun and im still learning i miss my 4 times a week chess games i used to do at my house when the girls were drinking i was playin chess with a friend i usually won with my one opening i think its a strong one i try the 4-6 move win but usually dont win in that but i think it is a good open the more i learn from anna i see im taking the middle ok goin to find more

  9. im glad it was left in had me laughing with you thank you still laughing +30explained +50 pause i hope you won this i bet you did im still watching spoiler alert ?? super winning you are pinning her down like a pro wrestler 2 girls pinning wow pay per view?
    ??sorry my mind has been in gutter for years

  10. 8:45
    Anne: "Here i was almost singing Hallelujah……"😂
    Her opponent : "… Amen"

  11. Beautiful game, Anna! We could see from the look on your face when you returned from the game that you had won! You're definitely better at chess than poker!

  12. Anna…you experienced the ultimate high… vanquishing your opponent in a high stakes game! Kudos to you!!

  13. LOL, it is absolutely impossible for her to surprise us as to the outcome of the game 15 seconds into watching the video 😀

  14. 11:13 If I were to play this game I would definitely run into this line.

  15. I think the most beautiful chess is the one with every piece fossilized. Totally understand the feeling when you win a game like this… Sometimes you can literally see your opponents shaking their heads. Congrat Anna

  16. Anna I think the phrase you were looking for is "twisting the knife" (meaning like to make bad situation worse [for someone else]; similar to 'add salt to the wound' or 'add insult to injury') It doesn't fit like exactlyyy but I think it's the one you were going for lmao

  17. Din energi är fantastisk, tack för dina videos!

  18. I LOVE watching you with your parents. I’m Italian American and, for some reason, I can relate to how you folks speak to each other lol. I would NEVER challenge you to a game of chess. And I’ve been playing for over 30 years. I would however ask you for pointers while playing (cow!?!?) lol. I bet mom and dad are very proud of you! Also, have a great thanksgiving. Remember the rule for thanksgiving dinner, don’t talk politics, religion, or……chess! Keep it polite 😂😂😂

  19. You are such a beautiful chess player. You are amazing. You got me to think about ideas I never thought about

  20. Beautiful game! Well played and very good you halted now and then to think and played moves that kept the pressure upon your opponent high all the time!😊 Congratulations!

  21. Congrat's, and thanks again for the entertaiment. !!!

  22. Screwing the screw os a great chess term! Own it and make it a thing.

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