When Magnus Carlsen Met His EQUAL

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  1. I really enjoy when you make videos on focussing on single games. Recaps are very nice, but there's so much to be missed in the games there

    Hoping for more single game reviews ❤

  2. "He's getting the Bishop off the diagonal of the rook"… I absolutely lost it with that mix up in that accent XD


  4. As a Brit, that British commentator impression was on point🤣

  5. When sweden 🇸🇪 was a superpower in tennis 🎾 there was a guy beside Lendle that beat us!

  6. This video is bonkers after smoking a fat one. Idk why

  7. 5:17 TIL that the European Team Champoinship is a tournament in Europe where they play in teams, and it's a championship. 🤔

  8. Lol.. You gotta understand, most ppl aren't smart enough to seriously understand chess 🤷
    I love chess, and this shit ruins my brain.

    Golf is more lucrative for its simplicity.. That's it 🤷

    Keep it up bro

  9. Golf and chess are so much alike it's scary

  10. Gotham's next video be like : "Magnus is hungry, so he went to restaurant".

  11. Hey @gotham, I can play 2000 elo and shoot par!!

  12. That's what whole russian folklore and fairy tales were about:
    Nobody can beat Ivan!

  13. As a Moldovan, that's crazy. Gotta love our dear players.

  14. Thumbs down. I am disappointed that Gotham didn't make a clickbait title and make a clickbait thumbnail picture of himself beating Magnus Carlsen and declare GothamChess as EQUAL to Magnus Carlsen.
    Thumbs down.

  15. When Magnus gives up a pawn, it is a stroke of genius as observed 183 moves later. When I give up a pawn, it is a typical blunder from a lowly 1450 rated player.

  16. "so i decided to just insult them both separately but…." 😂haha

  17. Good news and Bad News 😂😂😂😂
    "Magnus can't beat a guy in chess"

  18. Forget about Magnus, I don't want to say too much but just keep in mind that nobody ever saw Batman and I in the same room together

  19. "Magnus Carlsen is only human."

    – Ivan Schitco, 2023, after achieving an unprecedented 2 draws in a row against the former world champion

  20. “Couldn’t decide if I was going British or Australian so i just decided to insult both of them separately”
    -Levy, 2023

  21. i noticed a trend on everyone who beats/draws Magnus. Those who can stand up to Magnus are those who do not fear him. Those that "the Magnus effect" doesnt apply to. Magnus is incredibly skilled, dont get me wrong, but it seems his biggest advantage is in his reputation. his air of invincibility. This guy ignored it both games, and came out a survivor. so does many of those who act as if they played any other guy.

    i think reputation is, at least nowadays, the only thing making magnus any different from the other chess grandmasters

  22. Imagine a level higher than grandmaster. One move then all know whether he's winning or not

  23. "Levy will never become GM, he is so bad at the game" – 300 Elo Chess Player

  24. You made me a fan of chess and now i love you even more for "He is like the Demetrious johnson of chess"

  25. Magnus was born a Grandmaster Title 😅😂

  26. I really enjoy when you make videos on focussing on single games. Recaps are very nice, but there's so much to be missed in the games there
    Hoping for more single game reviews <3

  27. 17:20 Hikaru!!🤣🤣 man he got habituated on magnus vs hikaru content

  28. bro woke up and chose to fight the main boss directly

  29. bigges thing i got from this is that levy mains ball on ow

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