When Magnus Carlsen Met His EQUAL

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  1. just got ur book for my b day can't wait to read!

  2. levy is probably the most charismatic person on youtube. i actually suck an awful lot at chess but cant stop watching everything he uploads.

  3. I am pretty sure Anish Giri did not lose his first two matches against Magnus

  4. I like that you are that much in a world where only hikaru can defeat magnus, that u accidentally say his nime instead. 😂… At 17:20

  5. I challenge Levy to make a video without uttering the word like.

  6. As someone who plays the Kings Indian I am so offended by the queen trade 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. I never cease to not be amazed by Levy, he is a chess IM, into combat sports, and a ball main 😂

  8. Bd4 bootiful eh? Eh who cares? Not I said the blind man pissing in the wind. Goodbye chess world jaja

  9. I'm personally excited for him. Now he's got a "chase item" again per se.

  10. we need to see u play overwatch omds pls pls pls

  11. Dude your personality is awesome haha keep it up man

  12. If Ivan is equal to magnus then every game that they should've played must end in a draw .

  13. how many videos has it been with MAGNUS in the title eh

  14. levy never fails to use magnus for content

  15. Imagine seeing the same comments every video for the last 2 years
    Yall cant think of anything else?
    You just copy off the last person and repeat everyday??

    Never fails
    Never fails
    Never fails


    Think of something new already damn

  16. Are you making more guess the Elow

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