ITS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Can someone explain to me the time control rules? Do the players just agree on them prior to every game or wth? Like tournament rules are tournament rules, how can you not follow them? (I am not into chess world that much)

  2. Alireza scamming his way into candidates to just to completely bottle it smh

  3. I'm watching this recap, and realised I've already watched the vidit and alireza game in the past , is it a deja vu I'm confused, I see that exact position in the past 😵‍💫😵‍💫

  4. Dude i'll be honest. These vids are just fun to watch

  5. I would rather sit on a bag full of needles and rotate sideways than to watch a video of you

  6. chennai(a state in India) players prefer "reversed name" , for example "vishwanathan anand" , "rameshbabu praggnananda" , "domaraju gukesh" …….. everyone else writes it normally

  7. Levy i LOVE ur MMA analogy, i dont have a single friend who is watching MMA so im kinda lonely in this and u are the one who make me feel im not lonely : )

  8. Levi never fails to do random things

  9. why are russians allowed to play in this tournament?

  10. I watched the games live for almost six hours at night in india but still I waited for video and as soon I woke up without brushing my teeth I am here to watch your video man. A lot of love from India Gotthem chess

  11. so the guy who cheated his way to the candidates is out? wow im shocked.

  12. Karjakin would have been a worthy contender but such a shame he's not good with politics

  13. Not to be disrespectful but does anyone else just skip the girl games😂

  14. I'm Indian, and we write our first name first (shocker)

  15. Good to see Hikaru hanging in there! Gooooo Hikaru!

  16. Alireza deserved it. The way he qualified is awful and no, it's not the same as Ding did. Ding just needed games, but Alireza was worse than Wesley So, and desperately artificially farmed points. This little brat even named his tournament shamelessly: "Alireza Firouzja's Race to Candidates". There was no 2600+ player, these GMs also played suspicious games (some of them), for example one of GMs blundered a simple fork and the other one resigned IN EQUAL POSITION IN THE MIDDLE OF A GAME without any attempt to play. Wesley So elo was earned fair and square and he was the one who should've qualified to candidates. For me, Alireza can also lose next games. I only feel sad for Abasov. He played his best tournament in his life securing a spot in candidates, but this tournament shows that Abasov's best is their regular. Expected but kinda sad to see this huge gap.

  17. Hikaru: 'Let us play some chess'.

    Gukesh (Seinfeld impression): 'But I don't want to play chess'.

  18. Alireza is facing wrath of Wesley.
    Alireza is only playing this candidate because he found a loop hole!!!😊

  19. Gujrathi is first name, Santosh is name of his father, Vidit is the surname. So Gujrathi Santosh Vidit is the full name of the player. That is how people in Maharashtra state (where Gujrathi is from) are named.

  20. I feel like these days people only play moves that have never been played

  21. I disagree with Aliza “going for it”

    This is simply disgraceful play from Alireza. He literally didn’t even try. You don’t play Qxf2. How can you defend that Levy? How disrespectful to the other 2500-2600’s who would love to be in his spot. That is a joke of a move. Go ahead and lose in 15 moves. That’s fine. It happens to everyone, but at least try. He spent only 7 minutes on that move. Absolutely ridiculous and indefensible.

  22. Korean zombie really went to war against max😂

  23. That necessary possible Pc5 move to protect his promoting pawn in the Pragg game was just stunning…

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