It’s Over


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  1. i play the nimso indian and got played rook a2 two times and i lost both those games and i though that it was really bad for white and then got destroyed…

  2. The position in the middle of the game is a piece of art.

    I don’t like Ian, so this is really sad for me, to see ding not winning this positions.

  3. Hey Levy, I have a good video idea for you. You should play a variant of chess where the roles of the pieces get scrambled. For example, knight moves like a rook, rook moves like a bishop, etc. We can call it trans chess. If anyone reads this pls upvote.

  4. Ding has had winning positions in most if not all of the games so far. He just needs to close out the games.
    Ding could have been up 4-2-2 right now

  5. apparently his entire prep as been leaked. looks like its really over.

  6. Magnus would not lose a game when up +3 or more. Shows that Magnus is the best chess player in the world.

  7. that bluff was one of the sickest thing I've seen on this level. Ian totally schooled Ding

  8. Magnus actually foresaw the bluff, that's why he went playing poker

  9. Really surprised at this level that Ding fell for the bluff. These are the kind of misses that prevent one from becoming champion.

  10. Just wanted to say a few days ago i got my first brilliant (im 12 and im 630 elo)

  11. Such a nice game review. Very good for promoting chess for newcomers and chess enthusiasts, even for experienced and master level players. Thank you Levi. Computers may show mistakes and missed opportunities but we should not forget that chess is really a human game; whoever makes the second to last mistake….wins. Beautiful match! Chess is still a creative and surprising wonder.

  12. I feel like the whole sequence from 13:53 to 14:15 could be rapped by eminem and it would make sense.

  13. Would love to see Ding Liren win! He’s so good!

  14. Being a Ding Liren supporter is like "YES YES YES NOOOOOOOO!"

  15. just tell me if this is wrong or right, im not understanding

  16. I think this is the most exciting chess video I have ever seen

  17. Levy had a little too much coffee and is a little too intense for me today… heading to agamators channel so I can finish the recap and to calm down a little after all that…. Also, fix your wall levy, the two screws in your gosh forsaken wall!

  18. i dont really understand why the game being a part of Ding's prep is such a big deal

  19. Magnus just turned down this year, cos his poor heart wouldn't cope… Levi's barely did there!

  20. I can imagine Magnus turning it off immediately when Ding just lost it again. lol.

  21. YOU say: I never seen i game like that !
    I say: I never SAW YOU like that ! — Hi … Hi.

  22. Could not make it through the whole video you are just too irritating. Please Rosen make some WCC recaps or something.

  23. Thank you so much for not giving up if the game resulted in a win or draw in the titles in the last 2 videos!

  24. That was 7 moves ahead. Bobby Fischer would have seen that.

  25. I think u missed something Levy. U should have seen how tense Ding was on his 40th move (before the extra time). He played the move with like 1-2 sec left and looked extremly stressed and u could see the momentum shift.

  26. It's exciting, but I was watching a gigantic rocket tumble

  27. Kind of disappointed by Ding tbh. He had so many chances in this and the last game but still couldn't turn it into a win

  28. I'm pretty sure I've seen the ggwhynot account recently. Most likely in one of your videos.

  29. Chess used to be so boring before Levy arrived at the scene. Imagine how popular golf could be if there were commentators like him

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