Learn to Play Chess Today in Less Than 10 Minutes

Learning the basic rules of chess is easy. The chess universe is a board of 64 black&white squares. The entire point of the game is to force the opponent’s King into a trap he can’t escape from. That’s called checkmate. Yeah, sounds simple enough, but first, you have to get to him – that’s something his loyal subjects don’t want you to do. They’ll be working on protecting their king and going after yours, all while trying to capture as many of your pieces as possible.

Capture means the other person’s chess piece lands on one of yours. If that happens, your piece is out of the game, finished, bye-bye! So, do you want to join in and learn the basic rules and even some winning tricks and techniques? In that case, this video guide is what you’ve been looking for. By the way, when playing chess, you have to plan your path to success, but also try to predict the other guy’s strategy! What a brain workout!


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  1. I remember a quote from a kid
    "Life is like chess,we have to move"

  2. Do 3 player chess now! I love my 3 player chess board😊

  3. At 6:00 What a terrible example of a queens gambit XD XD.. as a queen gambit player myself you could have atleast made the game better.

  4. this reminds me of my freind…..
    me: hey lets play chess!, hehe i have best technique
    freind: C H E C K E R S

  5. I know how the prices move for the most part, but still get confused on certain things, and is eldom use en peasant as I forget that it can be done haha! I was taught by a few people, and I'm slowly learning a bit more and more. I have attention issues, so it's hard for me to get better fast.


  7. 0:56 "capture means landing on a piece of youre opponent "
    En passant:…..

  8. I play chess with my father and in my mind said: i need to capture the king of my dad because im using bishop.
    And then he trap me even i did not tell my dad.

  9. Great power comes…Great responsibility

  10. "stalemate rarely happens"
    me playing chess with the computer: oh boi wrong

  11. I want to keep my brain moving.
    Having fun
    U do something new is great.
    I have age

  12. Not yet have my first chance.
    Next Tuesday, will be my class.

  13. A moment of silence for the people thinking this is how you play chess

  14. Can't believe they didn't talk about en passant. The legendary move

  15. As a 1700 elo chess playe, i can say just a word: CRINGE

  16. i play gold and silver in chess but only on weekends
    Not that bad

  17. Me : nah I won't take that rook and do something else
    Me realizing that helped me win while I didn't have a bishop and knight : big brain.

  18. I am chess champion age up 11 in Croatia
    and i really like playing chess

  19. Where is the clip that shows us the most dangerous moves

  20. at the start 1 side is a but the other is h, lol

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