LEGENDARY 1000 Elo Chess Game

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  1. 4:31 I was just curious I am currently a ~500 Elo but what if white went bishop g5 pinning the knight to queen and if pawn takes then you push your pawn to h6 and if pawn takes again you can advance your rook with the king in a pretty bad spot and yes you would obviously have to move queen first to like d1 then after bishop moves take c1 so she can easily get to g5 checking the king. Idk just saw that off the top of my head

  2. 13:20 ik yall wouldnt believe me but i just wanted to see the most ridiculous move that would look like they were blind i was actually right 😂😂
    also im a 400 lol

  3. הוא באמת אמר שחמט

  4. this 1000 elo game is the same as a 600 elo game

  5. this make my brain hurt because the player dont do check mate

  6. When he said “when you have no plan you push a pawn for no reason” is so relatable 😂

  7. how do people get this good 1000 rating i’m a 55

  8. When I first watched this I was 500, now I’m rewatching months later as a 4 digit thanks to this channel

  9. Ian 1000 and this is way worse thab my games 🤣

  10. 13:18 I knew he would blunder that queen, I am a 1000 rated player myself and i would play the same move and blunder

  11. I tried to play a game when i blundered all my pieces and still won.

  12. Easiest way to make your below 1000 rated opponent lose is to push the one pawn in front of king and go out with your queen because anyone below 1000 will hunt the queen with immense determination and f up their whole structure.

  13. Im 600 elo and when I win a game it is just like this one , I would mate without realizing it was mate lol.
    And I bet this one was the case lol

  14. I think I enjoyed this game better than higher rating

  15. BROOOO YOU SAYED ШАХМАТЫ OMG тут есть русскоговорящие?

  16. “The King can run around butt ass naked” 🤣🤣🤣

  17. Awesomeness at its best👍💯. Bro you made me laugh like hell.

  18. Gothamchess Im 12 and I have the rating of 1051 will I be u

  19. The duck and the chick from friends are fighting it out ha 😂

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