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  1. This indeed one of the games in chess history

  2. 40k views in half an hour isn't low 😆The internets chess teacher is taking over!!!

  3. You sound like you were forced to murder someone's whole family

  4. Just going to place this here to get people's opinion:

    Should a mouse slip be allowed to be replayed in a tournament setting? If yes, please explain. If no, please also explain.

  5. Bro online is way better than offline like you can atleast play legal moves during time scramble in online but in offline it's just too hard to play 😂😂( there are many examples)

  6. Clicking the pieces :- ⚛🕉✡☸✝☦

    Dragging the pieces :- ‼‼⁉⁉‼❌

  7. now you are literally clickbaiting .. there is no "magnus raging" in the video

  8. 37K views in 31 minutes — congratulations!

  9. Probably would've ended in a draw, so a win for Hikaru anyway, but still a very unfortunate mouse slip.

  10. Thank you for keeping us from the result of the game)

  11. To be clear it was exteremly likely that Hikaru would've drawn anyway, the position is too simplified to generate a huge amount of counterplay / flagging. Still, unfortunate.

  12. Magnus didnt mouse slip. It was the well known, famous and serious, BOTEZ GAMBIT

  13. I like hikaru more than magnus. Hikura is more chill but magnus is more professional

  14. "Such is life". Was that a John Wick reference, Gotham? 🤨

  15. Hikaru winning connect four is fun, love levys commentary

  16. I Dunno, first 20 minutes and it’s already over 30K

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