Levy Finds A Brilliant Move!!

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  1. I was so confused at first because in the YouTube shorts app there is an h hi fable word shorts in the top left corner and it was blocking the room and I couldn’t see it 😂😂😂

  2. For those wondering why the sacrifice, there's a forced checkmate:

    pawn 5f, bishop f6, king g8, queen e8, king h7, queen h8, shah mat.

  3. Why doesn’t black just retake the queen with knight

  4. if knight takes queen then rook h8 is checkmate.

  5. Can someone explain why Kh2 was a blunder?

  6. Why do I hear THE QUEEEEEEEENN

  7. What ? Why didn’t he just take the queen with the knight ?

  8. Kh7 was terrible he should have played d4 to protect from Rxf7

  9. They both are playing their own colour

  10. Wait, I may be dumb, but how is the final position checkmate?

  11. why didnt the boy took the queen with a knight?

  12. Why the kid dont take the queen with horse hä

  13. The kids knight could of taken the queen

  14. What about the knight e4 and takes the queen!!

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