Levy Loses GM Title

This is Road to GM Episode 19.

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  1. Levy is it cool if you hold a fan tournament with all your subscribers here on youtube?

  2. Whoa! Levy getting jack?!? Fuck ya dude!

  3. Check it 6 or 7 of July
    Me: checks the date
    The date: 8th of July

  4. Levy, you're doing great with 5 million+ (annoyed) subscribers, but you'd make more ot at least turn around the annoyance. Tone down the personality as it comes across insulting, insecure and mean spirited in broader terms. If you can't be skillfully funny in walking the "funny insults" line, then just don't.

    Yes, other YouTubers have a sense of humor, but it's not forced and not directed at subscribers with an air of superiority. Most people who dedicate their lives to chess with reach 2200+ and the fact that the rest of us have careers and other hobbies and still get high ratings should be humbling to you.

    Your interviews with other chess players are awkward and filled with negativity. Hard to complete a video without feeling icky somehow. Listening to feedback is good, so do yourself a favor and read what so many people say about you.

    Get out of the way between your audience and your content. Peace

  5. Nobody is talking about the 185lbs squat

  6. I was an hour and forty minutes late to that discount

  7. Levi ur getting fat😂

  8. Gotham chess I also squat 185 and deadlift 255!!!! Guess how old I am 😎

  9. I have a 430 squat but a 1000 elo. Can’t have it all.

  10. Your coach is a clown. Your weakness isn't your chess. It's obviously your gigantic Impostor Syndrome, which your buddy fails to address. "Dont think bad things!" Isnt going to help anyone.

  11. Everyone is talking about the chess and stuff but, congrats on the 185 LB squat!

  12. Congrats on the lifts bro. Good stuff

  13. 1:05 "space in NYC is very expensive". I can f###### confirm that….

  14. Hey Levy, I really wish you could go to the US OPEN. but looking at your time schedule at 0:51 it doesn't look like you have time.

  15. "Dont overthink, dont think about very big things like your place in the galaxy whatever" 🤣 i will never forget this

  16. my mans went crazy its okay to lose on game

  17. Not close to IM or even 2000 for that mater but my coach tells me so many of the same things lol.

  18. Good job, Levy! My squat is plateaued at 365lbs, with deadlift at 405lbs.

  19. if he watches football netherlands vs turkia then definitly he will hit gm (i always wanted u to hit GM)

  20. Another clickbait video, never gonna click this channel again

  21. Bragging about 185 squat😅 that was my freshman starting weight. Catch up big dawg

  22. Levy. Stick to streaming dude. Forget Being a GM

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