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  1. I'm only a 1500-odd player and there are things here that I can only see if someone explains it to me. In a real game I would not have been able to play to this result.

    So depressing. I have no illusions. I'm 58 years old and I've only started playing chess with any kind of goal in mind since January this year. I've made decent progress (600->1500) in that time but I'm at a plateau and I feel like I'm back-sliding. Normally I do back-slide before I "level up" in anything in life (work or hobbies) but back-sliding never feels like "progress" until you look back at it after the fact.

    Watching this video is depressing. I'm able to follow what is being said but I mostly feel like a dog watching TV.

  2. Apparently leavy is goat of clickbait..

  3. By the way I wanted to ask that if I am winning consistently does it mean I am going to get banned? Like I have won 96 games lost 27 and drawed 1

  4. Dang I really thought chess got a new update

  5. Levy found God on the board. This was an amazing breakdown.

    I love how you always note how your meta at the time keeps you from finding moves like these after the fact.

  6. I've been playing since 1968 (Petrosian was world champion) and I believed that no one played chess better than the elite of chess. Then computers came. At first they were awful and then they became Gods. Going back looking at the games I was very proud of; I was a patzier.

  7. Whatever this better than brilliant move is, better have a badge of Stockfish itself

  8. make every brilliant move that no one can see into a new category

  9. 21:56 I've never seen a move like Bc6 in my life – Levy is not the only one making big eyes.

  10. Give that position to a super GM and see if they can find it

  11. dark chocolate , tea and cigar, and watching some chess, this is peek

  12. Would anyone play that move trying no to lose their bishop.

    Cause i would😂

  13. I guarantee you that even chess geniuses would have spend a LOT of time to find this on a classic game.

    It's one of the best tactics I've seen

  14. pp
    the amount of board vision needed for these moves is beyond human

  15. Here's my proposal for what the new sign could look like. It's a robot head on purple ground and you get insta-banned because the only way to find a move like this is by cheating.

  16. Vert instructional video, great move! THIS IS NOT CLICKBAIT!

  17. After being hard-stuck 800 elo for over a year, and playing only 1 game every week or so, I finally decided to start grinding more and after only a week and a half of playing non-stop I am now rated 1356 in rapid. One of the most important lessons I learned from you is that chess is just as much about losing and learning from your mistakes as it is about winning (if not more so). Once I stopped caring about losing elo, I started climbing. Now granted, I had been improving over this past year fairly steadily, by playing in person games at the park and the Chess Forum, but I only start to see that elo gain after putting in the effort to climb (I never would have known I had improved so much if I had kept playing as little as I did). You don't just climb by playing 3 games, 5 games or even 10 games a day. You just have to keep playing. Thanks Levy!

  18. It needs "!!!"! or a "not human" move! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Can’t believe you thought en passant was forcing!

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